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The Beach

No description

Gemma Teuscher

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of The Beach

The Beach
By: Gemma Teuscher

Question 1-
How many times in the past three years have you been to the beach?
Mean: 13
Median: 8
Mode: 10
Maximum: 82
Minimum: 0
Range: 82
IQR: 15
Outliers: 50, 55, 56, 82
Question 2-
How many times in your whole life have you been to the beach?
Mean: 72
Median: 50
Mode: 100
Minimum: 2
Maximum: 400
Range: 398
IQR: 80
Outliers: 250, 260, 300, 400
Question 3:
On a scale of 0-100, what would you rate the beach?
Mean: 80
Median: 90
Mode: 100
Minimum: 0
Maximum: 100
Range: 100
IQR: 80
Outliers: 30, 21, 8, 7, 0
Random Numbers-Question 3
A.J. Ueber, Addy T., Akira K., Allison Short, Amy Ma, Andrei, Angel Aonso, Anna, Asher Williams, Ashlynn Gardner, Aspen Boeck, Aubrey Juhasz, Ben Forsyth, Brian Lee, Brin Wolvert, Caitlyn Converse, Calley West, Cezar Munns, Chris Valdez, Clarissa Winks, Cole Urbach, Colton Drake, Emily G., Emma Dacus, Ethan W., Evan Brown,Evan Sturm, Gurbaj Sarai, Hadar Dolev, Ilia Babiy, Iris Heuer, Jacey Daley, Jacob Afflerbaugh, Janet Nolasco, Joseph T., Juwoon Kim, Kaiden Brar, Kaitlyn Milliken, Katherine Bate, Kayla Mane, Kobe Tran, Kourtnee K., Kyle Schwindt, Lauren Gehrmann, Leonard Tanne, Lily Shiuan, Luke Staton, Madeline Legate, Madison Schalk, Makai, Megan Thompson, Nicholas Logreco, Nick F., Nicole Every, Nicole Reese, Rachelle Smith, Robert S.L., Ryley Tucker, Sakari Nelson, Sammi Yan, Sandeep Singh, Savannah Carter, Sean Delmage, Serena Fogg, Sophia Fabian, Spencer Jackson, Thai Hindman, Thang Pham, Thomas Nguyen, Travis Leinenback, Tyler L., Wenny Cai, Wyatt, Zoe Weimerskirch
26, 43, 27, 66, 25, 21, 53, 44, 24, 35
Answers: 80, 95, 83, 100, 80, 78, 98, 95, 80, 90
My samples did match my data because the answers ranged from 78 to 100, which, in the real survey was what most peopled answered.
Students Who Participated
Analysis- Question 3
Most kids rated the beach appreciatively, I found out that at least 75% of the students rated the beach as a 75 or above. The other 19's ratings are scattered throughout the survey.
3 Class Comparison-Question 2
In this case, period 1 and 3 had the highest data while period 2 had the most average data. A student in period 3 set the highest data at 400.
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