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Harry Potter Personality Disorders

Project for psychology

DaRyn Kotton

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Harry Potter Personality Disorders

Harry Potter Personality Disorders Paranoid Personality Disorder Symptoms Doubting of loyaltys and commitment of others
Are unforgiving and hold grudges
Have suspicions without reason
Have difficulty relaxing
Always believe that they are right and you are wrong

Overview How it is shown in the movie Cornelius Fudge is the minister of magic in the wizarding world and he believes that Dumbledore is trying to overthrow him. He believes that Lord Voldemort, a villain in Harry Potter, had not come back and is causing all the destruction in the wizarding world. No matter what he is told, Fudge believes everyone is out to get his position and will make up any excuse to get rid of his "enemies." Severus Snape Schizoid Personality Disorder Overview Symptoms How it is shown in the movie Does not enjoy close relationships
Avoids activities that invloves interacting with other people
Appears aloof and detached

A psychiatric condition in which a person has a lifelong pattern of indifference to others and social isolation. If you haven't noticed Severus Snape had some problems from just looking at his appearance, you could have picked up on a few things from the movie. Snape is a very quiet person who does not interract with others very often in the Harry Potter movies. Usually when Snape speaks it is a sarcastic and mean comment. Snape had probably attained this disorder from bullying from other students, like Harry Potter's father. A disorder in which a person is very distrustful and suspicious of others. Sybill Trylawney Schizotypal Personality Disorder Overview How it was seen in the movie Symptoms A psychiatric condition in which a person has difficulty with interpersonal relationships and disturbances in thought patterns, appearance, and behavior. People with Schizotypal Personality Disorder usually behave oddly and have unusual beliefs, like aliens and witchcraft. They cling to these beliefs so strongly that it isolates them from normal relationships. Sybill Trylewaney shows Schizotypal Disorder by how she always seems to be lost in thought about dangers that no one else knows about. Because she behaves so odd when she forsees these dangers, she is isolated somewhat from the students. Voldemort Antisocial Personality Disorder Overview Symptoms How it was shown in the movie A psychiatric Disorder in which a person manipulates, exploits, or violates the rights of others. This behaviour is often criminal. Breaks the law repeatedly
Lies, steals, and gets in fights often
Disregards the safety of self and others
Does not show any guilt
Voldemort shows Antisocial Disorder by his acts of aggression towards everyone who gets in his way. Voldemort constantly breaks the law and disregards the safety of his accomplises throughout the series. Borderline Personality Disorder Bellatrix Lestrange Moaning Myrtle Histrionic Personality Disorder Gilderoy Lockhart Narcissistic Personality Disorder Overview Borderline Personality Disorder is a condition in which a person makes impulsive actions, and has unstable moods and chaotic relationships. Symptoms Feelings of emptiness and boredom
Freguent displays of inappropriate anger
Intolerance to being alone How it is shown in the movie How it is shown in the movie How it is shown in the movie How it is shown in the movie How it is shown in the movie Avoidant Personality Disorder Rebeus Hagrid Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder Dolores Umbridge Moaning Myrtle shows Borderline Personality Disorder by the way her moods change durastically. During the movie she is sometimes very kind and sweet, then at other times she is filled with rage! Overview Symptoms A condition in which a person acts very emotional and dramatic in order to get attention. Being easily influenced by other people
Concern on looks
Blaming failure on others
Needing to be the center of attention Bellatrix shows Histrionic Personality Disorder by the way she is always craving her master(lord Voldemort) attention. She feels the need to always be his favourite and is very upset when she doesn't recieve his approval. Overview Symptoms A condition in which there is an inflated sense of self-importance and an extreme preoccupaion with one's self. Takes advantage of other people for his or her own gain
Exxagerates achievments and talents
Requires constant attention and admiration Gilderoy Lockhart was a terrible wizard who won his fame from other wizards achievements. He would use others talents to boost his own reputation and would use his fame to get people to do what he wanted. Overview A condition in which a person has a lifelong patter of feeling extremely shy, inadequate, and sensitive to rejection. Symptoms Overview Symptoms Commiting to a relationship with people only that they know will not reject them
People with this disorder will pick loneliness over the risk of being rejected
Hagrid does not make very many friends during his life at Hogwarts. He feels ashamed of his constant exits from Hogwarts when he is accused of commiting crimes. People with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder are overly concerned with perfection and control. Performing certain rituals everyday like, handwashing, counting, checking, or cleaning everyday and until these rituals are preformed they can not function properly
When preforming rituals, everything must be perfect, people with this disorder are very controlling when it comes to preforming their ritual with other people
Umbridge is a very bossy person during her stay in Hogwarts. She had to have everything go her way, every rule, every activity, everything that was learned. She had to be in complete control or she would be driven insane. Peter Pettigrew Overview Symptoms How it is shown in the movie A person who depends to much on others for emotional and phyisical needs. Don't trust in their own decisions
Often devasted by seperation and loss
Will do whatever it takes to stay in a relationship Peter shows his need for a relationship by how he warships his master Voldemort. He doesn't necessarily warship him out of affection, but more so out of fear. Dependent Personality Disorder Cornelious Fudge
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