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Tall Tales

No description

Edward Atkinson

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Tall Tales

Pecos Bill John Henry Davy Crockett Tall Tales Edward Atkinson
30/11/2012 While watching the video, match the verbs and nouns on your worksheet. As you read the text, note the regional dialect of the narrator. Underline any words or phrases that seem like non-standard English. What did you find? Do you think this video could have been made within the last twenty years? Why or why not? Work individually to complete activity I. on the worksheet. Work in pairs to complete activity II. on the worksheet. Please speak only in English! In one to three sentences, write what you believe to be the moral of the story. Two Interpretations "John Henry died of either a massive heart attack or stroke, but his death was due to the enormous physical and mental toll that he endured during his struggle against the machine. I think the legend of John Henry is a metaphor of the African-American experience. It tells of the struggle of black Americans to be a part of mainstream America. It is a struggle that has played out against great odds and against very powerful forces of marginalization that continue to create wear and tear on the bodies and minds of African Americans, especially the poor and working classes."
-Dr. Sherman James "...workers managed their labor by setting a 'stint,' or pace, for it. Men who violated the stint were shunned...Here was a song that told you what happened to men who worked too fast: they died ugly deaths; their entrails fell on the ground. You sang the song slowly, you worked slowly, you guarded your life, or you died."
-Dr. Scott Reynolds Nelson Listen to the song again, and clap each time you hear a verb in the past simple tense. Fact or Fiction Which of these statements do you think are true? 1. Davy Crockett learned to shoot a rifle when he was just 8 years old.

2. After serving in the US Congress, Davy Crockett gave up his political career to fight for Texas against Mexico.

3. Davy Crockett killed a bear when he was only 3 years old.

4. Davy Crockett claimed that he was "half-horse, half-alligator" and could "ride upon a streak of lightning."

5. Davy Crockett died at the Battle of the Alamo, fighting with a small group of Texans in a hopeless stand against a much larger Mexican army. TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE FALSE Two Truths and a Lie Write down (in any order) two true statements and one false statement about yourself. Try not to make it too obvious which statement is the lie! In small groups, share your statements with your classmates. See if they can guess which statement is false. The _____ ________ looked

at the ______ ______. color kind of animal

adjective noun
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