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Media players (JFS)

A homework for IT

Alex McRae

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Media players (JFS)

Media players
By Alex McRae
Music, movies & more
The media players of the world today always seem to get better and better, sometimes you can't decide which one to buy! But which company plays their music best? Well the top five media player companies at the present day are:
These votes were taken from the Gadget Magazine's "Music player" Vote in which over 200,000 people participated.
To find out which of the five companies people favour, I conducted a survey on who preferred what and why, the answers where very interesting;
Apple: 23
While I'm here can I have a show of hands for each of these companies?
Do you ever wonder why you organize music on your iPod/iPad/Playlist the way you do? Do you:
A) Stuff it all on and just enjoy
B) Order it into albums
C) Order it into album release date in each artist
D)All of B and C plus multiple artists in alphabetical order
Whatever you do, don't feel pressurized if you match up to C or D, this just means that you are generally a very organized person.
Whatever we all think about the MP3s of the world, it is, at the end of the day, just another way of entertainment. Whatever you use your iPod/Phone/Tablet etc. movies, music, games or pictures, it's your choice..
Thanks For Watching!
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