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Get Moving!

No description

Amanda Kaemmerer

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Get Moving!

View the interactive Journey Map available for each Journey here:

On this journey, girls will investigate the energy around them,the
energy inside themselves, the energy in all of their places and spaces, and the energy of
getting from here to there, and everywhere they go.
Let's Break it Down
Sections of the Adult Guide:

1. Summary of the book - Page 6

2. Summary of Awards - Page 8

3. Outcomes of the GSLE - Page 25

4. Sample Sessions at a Glance - Page 10

5. Take Action - Page 76
Summary of Awards
Make an Energy Pledge
Complete two Energize Activities
Discover people working with energy issues
Step One: Learn about energy use in buildings
Step Two: Make an energy improvement in your home
Step Three: Investigate the energy use in a building
Step Four: Think of a way to improve energy use in the building
Step One: Identify an energy issue in your community
Step Two: Research!
Step Three: Develop your plan
Step Four: Carry out your plan
Step Five: Share the news!
Step Six: Refl ect and say thanks
Navigating the Girl Scout Journey

What Girl Scout Juniors Do

Junior Journey Assets

Get Moving Flip Book
Get Moving!
It's Your Planet - Love it!
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