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Legal Secretary

No description

Lisa Bossio

on 27 March 2011

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Transcript of Legal Secretary

Legal Secretary Say What?! $$$ Where at? Dictonary Definition: A legal secretary is person who works in the legal profession, typically assisting lawyers. Legal secretaries perform various duties for lawyers, including preparing and processing legal documents, such as appeals and motions, taking dictations, and complete forms for clients, such as obtaining accident reports. Education Least - High school diploma and some office trainning Most - Secondary schooling for one/two year programs - Potential courses include business math, legal research, records management, legal technology, business law, legal transcription, legal writing, business communications, word processing and law terminology. - They also prepare graduates to produce legal documents, including subpoenas, legal memos, complaints, motions, charges, discovery documents, deeds, pleadings and briefs. Most legal secretaries work at law firms and other employment settings such as courts, government agencies, public interest firms, non-profit organizations and corporate legal departments. Legal secretaries may also find employment as legal word processors, document clerks, litigation assistants or legal receptionists. Location Average Pay Alberta $19.60/hr British Columbia $19.88/hr Nova Soctia $16.80/hr Toronto $20.60/hr Ottawa $20.15/hr P.E.I $14.50/hr Starting Pay: $1800/mo Maximum Pay: $4500/mo Some offices use more typists with little experience whose work is reviewed by senior secretaries. Other offices break down secretaries by department, so more experience is necessary. Therefore, positions come up more often where less experience is needed. By: Lisa Bossio Interview! 1. How long have you been working as a legal secretary? A: 32 years at Fulton & Co. 2. What do you do when at work? A: Mostly solicitor work, such as wills,
transfers, general correspondence,
answering phones and setting court
applications for foreclosures. 3. When did you decide to become a legal secretary? A: The week after highschool finished,
I got a call for an interview to work
in the land title department for
maternity coverage. It was really hard
work and when the lady came back
I moved into the office and started as a
file clerk. A: I liked to work on computers and
I was a pretty good typiest. Also, back then,
you could start a job without experience
and get training while you were working. 4. Did you have any special training? 5. Do you enjoy what you're doing? A: Yes. Everything changes. Computer
programs, legal forms, supreme court rules,
and dealing with new and different people.
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