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Police Brutality

No description

Abbie Feith

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of Police Brutality

Black Human Rights have been abused for hundreds of years in America
Opposing Views
Some of the most common opposing views is that more white citizens are shot or child by cops then black citizens are... That stat itself is true, what is failed to be mentioned is that over 75% of those white citizens have been caught in a legitimate crime, has a weapon, or has shown some sign of resistance.
Violating Rights
BlackLivesMatter Movement
Trayvon Martin
in 2012 a White neighborhood watch officer shot and killed a 17-year old high school student multiple times. He was later released from jail and convicted of no wrong doing
Keith Scott
In September of last year officer surrounded, shouted, and inevitably shoot Scott. He was unarmed waiting for his child at a bus stop. Police claimed that he indeed had a gun but dash cam video shows otherwise as book. The police who shot scott will not be charged of any crime.
One of the most legitimate movements of this time period. Their goal is to show and rid America of the injustice that occurs on a daily basis in the black community.
After the Movement was formed, the #AllLivesMatter movement was created as a way to say that not just black but Latino, Asian, White do as well, which is true. But the movement is to say that with injustice that occurs to the black community everyday that they should be cared for right now.
"All are equal before the law and are entitled without any
discrimination to equal protection of the law”
-Artical 7,
UN declaration of Human Rights
Placing cops in city's that live within that city

Keeping punishments constant, and treat them as if they where a normal citizen

Training and retraining throughout their career

Police Brutality
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