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Animals of the Tundra

No description

Brady Johnson

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Animals of the Tundra

Animals of the Tundra
it`s covered with White feathers!
Snowy Owl
they snowy owl got its name because of its White feathers. snowy owls hunt by spreading there wings out, and fly carefully over the tundra floor, when it sees its food it grabs its food with its talanded feet.
they are amazing animals!
Musk Ox
facts: they are sometimes called Arctic buffalo. Those arctic buffalo are pretty strong for an animal that has short legs.
Musk Ox eat plants. They have to keep moving to find food. they can be 8 feet long and weigh 900 lb.
they have very big feet in the back!
Snowshoe Rabbit
facts: snowshoe rabbits got there name because they have very big feet in the back and that is how they got there name. There back feet help them move through the snow.
are awesome!
facts: they live in small herds of 20.
They have sharp antlers to protect themselves. They can weigh up to 650 lb.
Animals of the Tundra
By Brady
facts: Tundra Wolfs are the largest wolfs in the wolf family.
These wolfs have good hearing eye sight and good sense of smell. They also have razor-sharp teeth so, if you are in the tundra, watch out for there razor-sharp teeth!
Tundra Wolf
they are cool!
they are fierce
hunters! Yikes!

Polar Bears
Are cool
I used a book to find my information: animals of the tundra.
I picked this topic because I want to share what happens to animals in the tundra!
lemming ah
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