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Josh Hutcherson

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Josh Hutcherson

-Has over a million hits in Twitter and Facebook
-He likes to see the fans tweets on his wall
Here is Josh Hutcherson
-Is a Kentucky Boy.
-He was sad to leave his family.
- He loves being a Kentucky boy.
On set with Josh
-He loved how if he had free time he could hang with the group.
-The crew played basketball off set.

More facts about Josh
-Wanted to act since four
-He is 21 years old
-He adopted a pitbull named
Biker!! In 2012
-A quote from Josh- I love dogs
-Another quote- I love dong roles and movies that are different from each other.
Josh Hutcherson
-He was born October 12th 1992.
-Full name,Josh Ryan Hutcherson.
-Parents names are Chris and Mitchelle Hutcherson.
-Sign is a Libra.
-Since he was nine
he was voice of a lot
of people.
-Hunger games is one
-Polar Express was his voice
when he was nine years old.
Some photos of Josh
Josh Hutcherson 0939863http://www.biography.com/people/josh-hutcherson-2 "Febarury 28 2014'

Gordon,Marby,Sherrie. Josh Hutcherson
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