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My Greatest Ambition

No description

Estanislao Casas

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of My Greatest Ambition

The main character is a school boy whose “greatest ambition” is to be a comic strip artist. He was the only one in his class who wanted to be one. The story explores the uncertainties and trials of being an adolescent with unsupportable parents.
Character Description
The Destructors
Lurie: Anxious; Impatient; Dreamer; Hopeful; Isolated; Changes his mind quickly.
Mother: Interested in education; Sees Lurie as a child; Stuborn; Loves gossip.
Father: Just cares about money; Materialist; Anxious; Impatient; Stubborn; Loves to boast about achievements; Humiliates Lurie.
Michael Lazarus: Supports Lurie; Put publication in Lurie's mind; Helpful; Dreamer.
Mr. Randell: Editor; Sees Lurie as a kid; Humiliates Lurie.

The story is settle in Australia in 1980's.

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