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The Helping Hands Reflection Presentation

No description

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of The Helping Hands Reflection Presentation

The Helping Hands Reflection Presentation
Team Helping Hands plans to raise a minimum of $1,538 in donations, products, or services by November 1st to be used to create a Fall Festival event for the students, staff and parents of Ventura Elementary School.
Sustainable Impact
Helping Hands
Provide a basic insight into a community functionality and to make students aware and understand the skills they will need in the future to get a head start on success.
Yard Sale - $228.79
Services - $648.47
Donations - $229.09
Pre-sale - $129.00
We lost a team member, requiring us to pick up her JA in a Day class and split them up into our classes. Successfully resolved, granting us an extra $60.
Very difficult to maintain lines of communication with project coordinator.
CiCi's Pizza Fundraiser was a failure, raising only $15.07 of $100 goal due to:
Lack of advertisement on our part
Unprofessionalism and poor communication/training by CiCi's
Key Issue
Ventura Elementary is a Title 1 school
Free breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Why worry about fun?

Monetary Resources
Non-monetary Resources
Service Learning
To the Helping Hands, the true definition of service-learning is being able to use the skills learned from the cornerstone course and apply it to the services we provided to the students of Ventura Elementary School through "Our City" JA in a day and the Fall Festival.
Learning, applying, and developing business skills.
It would be nearly impossible to jump into a business setting and be an exceptional leader, team member, orator, or innovator without any practice.
We gave them all something more than money or knowledge: we gave them happiness.
Impact on key stakeholders
Our project directly impacted the students by providing them with fun lessons as well as an awesome fall festival,
busy keeping the students fed, sheltered, and educated.

"The team did an excellent job meeting the needs of our staff to produce an amazing Fall Festival"
-Mrs. Audrey Genco, Ventura Elementary Project Coordinator

As a team, we thought we all did a fantastic job this semester and very successfully completed the project. We are very proud that we exceeded the minimum requirements of the project by nearly $1,500.

Thank you!
Most successful event?!
The Fall Festival!
Raised $703.30
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