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Green Building

No description

Lewis NI

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Green Building

Definition of Green building
The main implication of green building
How to judge whether a building is 'green'
Indoor Environment
Outdoor Environment
Rating systems for sustainable buildings
Comparison between ESGB and LEED
Green Building
Standard by People’s Republic of China
Evaluation Standard for Green Buildings GB/T 50378-2006
Taipei 101 , the tallest
and largest green building
of LEED platinum
certification in the
the world since 2011 .
The Leadership
in Energy and Environment Design system
How can we define the Green Building
[1] Making the interior layout reasonable
[2] Minimizing the use of synthetic materials
[3] Making full use of the sun
[4] Saving energy
[5] Creating a natural feeling for the occupants approaching

Definition of Green Building
Claimed by human society:
Buildings are major contributors to the environmental effects of human activity :
30% of all raw materials
42% of all energy
25% of all water
The main implication of green building
Indoor environment
Thermal problem
Daylight , Voice Problems
Air Quality
Outdoor Environment
Natural Ventilation
Development history of green building
Rating Systems for sustainable buildings
Comparison between ESGB and LEED
The total amount of projects
The regional distribution
The details
How to judge whether a building is 'green'
Comparision between LEED and ESGB system
Disadvantages in Chinese rating system:
Uneven distribution across China
Provide an exact definition of green building
Classify the main implications of green building
Main solutions:
pay more attention to ESGB and further promotion and popularization of green building
ESGB should extend its types and differernt types should be refined .
Regulation can only represent part of the solution .
Only practical improvements and reform of systems can ensure that the legislation is carried forward in practice .
Thank you

Omar Espinoza,Urs Buehlmann,Bob smith,2012 . Journal of cleaner Production: Forest certification and green building standards : overview and use in the u.s. hardwood industry . 33(2012) 30-41
Michael Bauer, Peter Mosle and Michael Schularz,2007 . Green Building--Guidebook for Sustainable Architecture.
Ling Ye , Zhijun Cheng , Qingqin Wang , Wenshi Lin , Feifei Ren . Renewable Energy : overview on Green builing Label in china . 53 (2013) 220-229
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