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Inventions, New Technology, Consumerism and Fads of the 70's

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Marshall Cowell

on 20 June 2011

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Transcript of Inventions, New Technology, Consumerism and Fads of the 70's

The 1970's New Inventions/
New technoligy •The daisy-wheel printer invented.
•The floppy disk invented by Alan Shugart 1970 1971 •The dot-matrix printer invented.
•The food processor invented.
•The liquid-crystal display (LCD) invented by James Fergason.
•The microprocessor invented by Faggin, Hoff and Mazor.
•VCR or videocassette invented. 1972 •The word processor invented.
•Pong first video game invented by Nolan Bushnell.
•Hacky Sack invented by John Stalberger and Mike Marshall 1973 •Gene splicing invented.
•The ethernet (local computer network) invented by Robert Metcalfe and Xerox.
•Bic invents the disposable lighter 1974 •The post-it notes invented by Arthur Fry 1975 •The laser printer invented.
•The push-through tab on a drink can invented 1976-1977 nothing big was reall made 1978 •Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston invented the VisiCalc spreadsheet.
•The artificial heart Jarvik-7 invented by Robert K. Jarvik.
atari 1979 cell phones fads plat form shoes
liesure suits
vidieo games
mood ringd
pet rock
running naked consumerism All of the stuff you see in this presenttation
was a big thing to have in the 70s and thats what all of the consumers wanted to get. but one of the big buys that was forgin car. people stoped buying car from where they are from because the where really good on fule and they where way cheaper. One of the best things i think where the best thing made in the 70s was the......... BY: Marshall Cowell By: Marshall Cowell
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