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Computers in art & design

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Emily Lewington

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Computers in art & design

Computers in Art & Design
Computer Gaming
Publications that are printed with ink on paper or distributed online, which are generally published on a regular schedule and containing variety of content such as story telling. They are financed by advertising or by a purchase price or both.
Computers in art & design – Illustration and Graphic Design
The potential for digital media is already huge and is almost 100% guaranteed to increase. Nearly everything in the art and design world can now be digitalized to either give a computerized effect or to distribute art and design quicker and in larger amounts. Digitalizing artwork could mean anything from doing a few touch ups on Photoshop or completely going over your design on illustrator. Re-doing your work on something like illustrator can take your work from this drawing to something more cartoon looking.

Digital media amongst illustration has become pretty popular especially with use of tools such as the graphic tablet. A graphics tablet allows you to draw on software like Photoshop and particularly illustrator as it moves and draws like you would free hand with pencil and paper. This gives a more realistic drawing effect rather than using a mouse, which doesn’t replicate the natural drawing motion of your hand. The graphics tablet shows how traditional art and design techniques (drawing) have been combined with the use of computers (digital drawings).

Graphic design
In terms of graphic design, the use of computers has had a great impact. Imagine advertisements, posters and album covers all hand drawn in this modern generation? It’s basically unseen. By doing these things on computers, they can be printed multiple times to distribute them quicker. By using computer software you can try out different ideas quickly and in detail rather than individually trying out new things on paper although it is argued that the endless things you can do on these programs can leave you with no clear final design ideas as there’s always something new to try. This poster is by one of my favourite graphic designers, Ian Jepson, this kind of solid colour and perfect alignment on the page would be difficult hand drawn on paper and would take much longer to do. Graphic design since the making of the computer and its programs has improved the aesthetics of design and gives a much more modern effect.
Animation is the art of creating moving images by the use's of computers.

Increasingly it is created by means of 3D computer graphic through 2D computing
How computer gaming evolve ?
The first game was called "space war" which was introduced in the year 1962 but it was originally called "Tennis for two"

- According to a 2006 report by Magazine Publishers of America, 78% of teenagers read magazines. A 1999 study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that teens 15 to 18 spend an average of 13 minutes daily reading magazines. They also found that on a given day, about 6 in 10 of these teens will read a magazine, boys being 10% more likely to do so than girls.
Impact of magazines on today's society.
- Many women rely on magazines as a medium for expression, fashion and beauty advice.
- Magazines rely on people to buy the publication either through subscription or a purchase of a single copy. When the internet can provide the same information for free, magazines quickly become irrelevant. To avoid loss of profit, magazines are making more and more advertisements.
The game uses PDP-1 platform for other programmers to share it all around the world.
The impact of computer gaming
in society !
How have magazines evolved?
- From print to digital
Downloading magazines onto tablets doesn't necessarily increase profit however it increases the amount of readers as it can be spreaded faster and easier.
The evolution of gaming started over the
last 70 years which have an impact over teens and children. The effects of gamin g can have a positive and a negative effect depending how good the gaming is and the software.
through out the years technology develop and people get smarter.
The more people play game the more skilled they would become of designing any type of games, because they would have the knowledge to produce and to achieve what they wanted to do for example people may adapt/get inspiration from a game called "space-vader" which is a shooting game.

Hand eye coordination : sport games were player can do life like action but they are connected to the game by a device or some other technology, Hand eye coordination wasn't developed in the 1980 or 90 it was introduced in the year 2005, for example this could be a WII sports game were the player must use their (hand/body movement to play game such as bowling and tennis.
their is also an exercising game where the person can use a wii fitness board which can sense the person every action by touching the board. other gaming sensors such as simulation game have outstandingly develop throughout the years from a blurred pixels type of environment to a more realistic type of environment by using different technology and software. this will give the player a more fast pace action,where they will have to keep eye coordination on the screen to keep up with the high technology system. For every console /computer gaming the developer try to find any possible solution for technology to be harmful and contagious.

Brain training games: These type of games can be used for educational purposes like english , math and help your physical mind. these type of activities will make education look like fun by answering in a short amount of time/ or trying to beat a friend who is playing against you. (this will help you improve score and feedback towards the viewer)

Eg. Vogue
The picture took most of the space on the cover, whereas the text was placed in the bottom corner. The cover had a black border and was presented in a retro style.
The title Vogue started to appear on top of the cover in the unique style/font. Vogue started to apply photography of celebrities, and text was placed on the side.
Modern appearance using loads of sharp contrast and gold, black colors. Text placed on both sides using larger and smaller fonts created a better layout. The background color matches the picture.
History of gaming/console
Types of Magazines
- Fashion and beauty
Earlier in the 1947 many people started using interactive gaming using various of format for example Tennis for two using a oscilloscope which is a scope with a electrical instrument that send voltage to the computer.
- Tv/Soap magazines
Inside Soap
- Sport
Bravo Sport
Sky Sports
- Entertainment
- Health
Women's health
Men's health
- Paparazzi/Celebrities
CAD short for Computer Aided Design, Is a graphic software that is commonly used to digitize, simplify or develop designs instead of the traditional drawing board method. CAD is can be used to create accurate representation of a product in 3D to produce a prototype design for a product, so the software is popular and used amongst engineers and product designers. One of the biggest advantages of CAD is that not only does it allow designers to produce accurate and detailed designs which can be easily modified that can be securely stored as accessible data, but speeds up the design process and reduces human error which saves costs for designers/companies contributing to their economics. However, CAD software can be very expensive and will require training in order to use it to its optimum level. Another worry is that design creations stored as data could be lost if not backed up when the software for any reason breaks down
1962: Spacewar
1967: brown box (lets people
play tennis
1972 : pong (arcade tennis game )
1977: Atari 2600 ( Two joystick game in colo first ever console to used color)
1978: space invader
1980: Pacman ( its the first arcade hit to appear on home console
1984: Tetris was born
1985: NINTENDO entertainment system
1989:Nintendo Game Boy
1990: Microsoft window 3.0,solitare/bejeweled
Comics are a visual medium used to express stories through images, often combined with text or visual information. Comics frequently take the form of juxtaposed story telling pattern.
1995: PlayStation 1/along with Nintendo 64
2001: Microsoft entered the video gaming market Xbox
2003: steam is release on pc
2004: Nintendo Ds
Superheroes are the main characters within comic magazines. Batman and Superman have been the most successful.
2005 : xbox 360
2006 Nintendo Wii
2010: minecraft was introduced on to pc
2013: ps4/xbox one
Software used in computer games
Comic books have captured the imagination of children, teens and adults.
After design the concept as well as character and environment/ they are ready for the computer work to make it reality, There are many program they will used to make the game and computers: 3d games,2d games, and role play games. ( the 3 software is more powerful then the 2d software) some popular 3-d includes Darkbasic and Darkbasic pro which is a software to develop you chosen character body and there visual.

Game editor: which is user friendly , 2d games that can be used on the pc, mobile and other mobile devices. They might used software such as Photoshop and illustrator to create 2d design and some 3d games.

some computer game software people used are ,Mugen which is a fighting game but you can create your own unique character and you can download characters from other makers from the same game.
role playing games used a software called rpg toolkit,rpg 95,2000, and xp. most of these programs don't require any code so you can play these games for free , however people might asked you to pay for playing a game online or to download it by using your credit card or debit card

Before the invention of the printing press, the invention and development of paper took place starting in China using bamboo and barks. After the first form of printing: woodblock printing first carried out in Korea, the system took great developments and improvements and came the great invention of the printing press by Gutenberg. This spread rapidly and widely through Europe and contributed to businesses greatly. Developments in printing carries on until this day and has developed to create colour printing, offset press and screen printing. The development in technology has been a great contributing factor for the development in the printing industry. By the word technology, I mean digital technology i.e computers. Digital printing has become such a big part of our lives as its used in homes, schools and in the industry. The most common way of printing nowadays is by inkjet or laser; inkjet printing is printing from a computer image file directly to an inkjet printer as a final output and laser Digital images are exposed onto true, light sensitive photographic paper with lasers and processed in photographic developers and fixers. Digital printing is one of the most common used and popular technique in the design industry to produce products with their designs on which are created electronically. Printing has developed so far that 3D printing has even become possible which creates 3D objects.
How does gaming effect people
computer games can aid children and does not deserved to get a negative feed back:
Games can also help children with attention and deficits disorder to gain social skills.\but some negative aspects can be harmful towards the viewer like : violence games and violent films.
Although playing video games is one of the most popular leisure activities in the world, research into its effects on players, both positive and negative
but in some cases games can have so much violence that the person playing the game can brain wash their mind
History of console gaming
There are loads of software to create 3D and animation for example a soft ware called Blender which is a source where you can create movies,animation and any type of 3D Graphics ,but this software helps you include python scripting access so you could include manual animation effect easily.
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