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Charley and Autumn

No description

lib hist

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of Charley and Autumn

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Charley and Autumn
Differences between Francis C. Flaherty and Mary Walker
Francis C. Flaherty
Similarities Between Francis C. Flaherty and Mary Walker
Both saved lives in the war while defending our country
Both showed courage because they never gave up
They made sacrifices like giving up their life and being held captive for our country
They both went above and beyond when doing their job
They both showed valor when helping our country because when the soldiers were in danger, they brought them to safety
Francis was born in Charlotte, Michigan and Mary was born in Oswego, New York
Francis' rank was Ensign and Mary's was contract acting assistant surgeon
Francis was an officer in the US navy and Mary was an assistant surgeon in the U.S. Army
Francis fought in World War II and Mary fought in the civil war
Francis was awarded the medal of honor in 1941 and Mary was awarded it in 1865
Mary Walker
Francis C. Flaherty earned the medal of honor during the attack of Pearl Harbor. He was serving on the US Oklahoma and the ship was struck by three torpedoes. When the ship started to capsize, Francis remained in one of the turrets to flash a flashlight so others could escape. When the ship completely flipped over, Francis was trapped and killed inside. I think that was a very heroic thing to do because he used his own life to save the lives of many others. If he hadn't done that, they could've all been trapped in the ship.
Mary Walker helped our country in many ways. She was the first women to ever receive the medal of honor.She went through a lot for our country like being held captured,being a union spy,and getting wounded many times but instead of helping herself she decided to help her fellow soldiers.WHen she was in the civil war she demanded a spot in the union army but her bid for a commission as a medical officer was declined, she decided to volunteer anyway earning herself a spot as an acting assistant surgeon.In my opinion Mary walker is a very brave and strong women who helped our country significantly and stood up for herself when needed.
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