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Natural Processes - Muriwai

No description

Damien Perry

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Natural Processes - Muriwai

Muriwai Coastal Environment
Okiritoto Stream/ Northern Dunes
- Spenifix (3)
- Poheuheu (2)
- Monkey Apple (1)
Tertiary Dunes
- Pingao (2)
- Star plant (2)
Secondary Dunes
- Iceplant (3)
- Spinifex (4)
Primary Dunes
- 29 waves per 3 minutes
- More swash than backwash
- NE wind direction
- Clear sky (minimal cloud)
- 42 degree angle of the dunes around southern end of Muriwai beach

- Less swash and backwash compared to Northern
- 61 waves per 3 minutes
- Number of Waves around Northern Dunes less than that around Southern Dunes
- Wind direction was the same at both ends of the beach, North East.
- Weather was also the same, clear, minimal cloud, maximum sun.
- NE wind
- Human interaction was evident; 4WD trails in sand, and footprints on beach. Various viewing platforms were also in place around Maori Bay.
Corrosion evident around Maori Bay, Owai Island probably connected to Otakamiro Point a few centuries ago, erosion has caused soft sediment to disintegrate, leaving a gap between Owai Island and the headland.

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