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Charity PR

How I would generate PR for the Fire Fighters Charity

Loretta Spridgeon-Connor

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of Charity PR

Fit for the Future Delivering strategic PR in a changing world Core strategy

Challenging climate
Corporate customers
Clear objectives
… and Communications Let’s start at the very beginning…
What are we trying to do?
Who do we need to do it to / with?
What are the most direct routes for reaching them?
Where can communications help? Charity communications and public relations need to have clear objectives and an obvious strategy behind them in order to succeed
Must be open to using a whole range of channels and tactics to meet these objectives Email
personalised – name and content
contact gathering from website form
cost effective Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Bebo
People who use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter give more money to charity than those who do not, according to new research
A survey of about 24,000 people in the UK was carried out between October and December last year for marketing agency DMS Charity auction system run by missionfish www.missionfish.org.uk
Sellers can also opt to donate a % of their sale to the charity of their choice
Anyone can give to charity when they sell on eBay
Rally supporters, who can give 10% to100% of their eBay sales to charity
Run an online charity shop
Hold a special online auction Create noise! Cheap communications Clever planning Clear objectives Click! Smartphones
Mobile phone payment services
I-phone Apps: charity finder Case study blogs: human interest
Charity advocates: fire and rescue success stories
Confidence in public trust
Campaigns: themed viral tactics
Collaboration: community and voluntary organisations
Charity song: brand identity Celebration! Complete world in our pocket Connecting media relations The challenge!
Understand media requirements
Develop a tailored approach
Target particular publications and programmes
Look beyond news pages of national and local press
Women’s magazines, the trade press, supplements, and feature pages all offer promising targets Channels CharityComms
Brand Republic
Marketing Week Create and generate Communicating best practice Successful planning requires good time management and organisational skills
Maximise financial support for the event
Achieve high levels of PR coverage
Promote the work of the organisation
Raise levels of awareness and empathy with the charity
Red carpet reception for the award recipients
Motivate, inspire, reward, and educate Celebrity management Charity and celebrity co-dependency Reviewing, revising and creating all internal and external communications
Identifying/improving key messages to enhance awareness of the charity amongst volunteers, supporters, the public, the media, parliamentarians, and key policy makers
Investigate pro-bono support from external organisations and grants
Media training for staff and speech guidance
Helping national, international, regional news stories get published
Increasing green book Regular Giving subscribers
Re-launching an effective press office and building media contacts
Delivering improved return for corporate supporters
Capitalising on social media and the world in our pocket! Cracking the nutshell Where are we on the journey?
What have we achieved?
What about our objectives?
What’s changed?
Are we still winning the battle? Can we evaluate what matters? Alternative giving
wedding lists
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