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Hajmola Campaign

Project for Principles of Advertising

Rafi Amjad

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Hajmola Campaign

The planning of the campaign WHAT WE ARE DOING The practical work regarding the campaign HOW WE WILL DO IT Har Jagah, Har Waqt, Sab Hazam, Aik Dam Dabur Hajmola Group Members: Ahsan Mahmood
Rafi Imran
Abdullah Qureshi
Ahmed Hassan
Hammad Yousaf
Waqas Shabbir All About Dabur COMPANY CONSUMERS SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS RESEARCH EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, What is Hajmola ? COMPETITORS WHAT WE KNOW The Target Audience of Hajmola Research conducted to know more about Hajmola Products that have a comparable markey share Campaign Evaluation WHAT COMES NEXT Hajmola is an Ayurvedic Digestive Formula Tablet
Introduced in market in 1978
Functions of the tablet:
Relieves flatulence
Increases appetite
Keeps the stomach healthy
Supports digestion of food
Asian Consumer Care Pvt. Ltd. imports and markets Dabur products in Pakistan.
Dabur Hajmola is an Indian product
Hajmola is not expensive at all CHALLENGES Hajmola is an Indian product
Asian Consumer Care Pakistan has limited rights
Hajmola has always been targetted toward a more mature audience
Limited support of endorsements by physicians
It has always been referred to as a medicine Company based in India
Various brands and diverse range of products
Hajmola Introduced in 1975
Products being sold in many countries Potential consumers are a wide range of people
Current consumers: people who want to cure gastric problems
Potential consumers: people who want to prevent and cure gastric problems RESEARCH OBJECTIVES What defines a comprehensive research To determine the extent of knowhow of the brand Hajmola among general public.
To determine what ages and gender of people use Hajmola more often.
To determine the current brand image of Hajmola among the current consumers.
To know how long has the target audience known Hajmola.
To determine what flavors of Hajmola are more preferred and how do consumers have imprinted the flavors in their mind.
To know what kind of packaging do consumers prefer and why.
To determine what the consumers think are alternatives to Hajmola and why are they superior/inferior to Hajmola in terms of use and affectivity.
To know whether people know about the functions of Hajmola digestive tablet and what other functions do they think Hajmola has other than the ones advertised.
To determine the affectivity of Hajmola as judged by the current consumers and its brand reputation.
To know how often do the current consumers use Hajmola and why.
To determine if the product itself has any unavoidable problems; which have to be taken care about in the campaign. The analysis of the current market SECONDARY RESEARCH Analysis of existing material about Hajmola METHODOLOGY To know about Hajmola’s general brand reputation, we searched:
Pakistani magazines
Facebook pages
Published articles and consumer reviews. KEY FINDINGS More renowned in India
Very less Pakistani material
We had to view Indian articles
Shahid Afridi the renowned cricketer in 2011 PRIMARY RESEARCH Hands-on research regarding Hajmola METHODOLOGY To determine: Brand reputation and brand image of Hajmola among sampled targeted consumers.

Surveys of over 50 people personally, some face-to-face and some in real-time over the internet.

Face-to-face interviews of patients of Gastric problems. KEY FINDINGS Most people know Hajmola is a digestive candy.

The purpose of the product behind brand Hajmola is known exactly as it is supposed to be.

People already know the brand Hajmola and are familiar enough with the name.

Both flavors of Hajmola, Regular and Imli are popular, but the Regular/Original flavor is more dominant.

Many people prefer Bottle packaging over sachets, while many have never bought Hajmola.

Usage i.e. sale of Hajmola is way less than the potential. This can be boosted up through marketing.

Competitors that have to be beaten include Hashmi Ispaghol.

People have their own reasons of choosing the product.

Hajmola is known better to digest heavy meals than to reduce gastric gases and increase appetite.

The brand reputation is neither too bad, nor too good. It lies on the average; it can easily be raised.

Hajmola, as a product, has irreparable shortcomings. They cannot be completely eradicated until the product itself is redesigned. We will have to overcome them silently in our campaign.

The target audience suggests some valuable changes in the product.

People suggest to change wrapper that can be implemented in the brand redesign. INDIRECT Doctors who prescribe and promote the usage of medicines for remedy against gastric problems.

Nutritionists who promote a balanced diet and usage of high fiber diet. DIRECT Qarshi Gestofill An effective herbal remedy for acidity, heartburn, indigestion, loss of appetite, constipation, nausea, flatulence and dyspepsia. Hashmi Ispaghol Hashmi Ispaghol Husk is a gentle natural fibre and is said to be effective for use in constipation, acute thirst, piles, obesity, cholesterol lowering, ulcer, acidity, and bowel irregularities. Hamdard Neo Carmina Helps in toning up the mucosa of the stomach and brings about a well tolerated balance between liver functions and gastric activities. GSK Zantac Zantac is used in the treatment of GERD; gastric ulcer maintenance treatment; indigestion; stomach ulcer etc. Bisodol Indigestion Relief Tablets A unique triple active formula containing three powerful antacids which quickly and effectively neutralize excess acid in the stomach to provide effective, rapid relief from acid indigestion, heartburn and trapped wind. GSK ENO A range of antacid products that treat the symptoms of heartburn and gastric discomfort. It is available in different flavors and pack formats. Reckitt Benckiser Fybogel It is used to treat constipation and can also be used to maintain normal bowel function in various bowel disorders. TARGET AUDIENCE Includes people of both genders, and all ages ranging from children to elderly. People belonging to all economic classes. Previous notions regarding the usage of Hajmola was that it should only be used on purpose. This campaign targets all people who want to cure and prevent gastric problems and flatulence. TARGET AUDIENCE COMPARISION Current target audience of Hajmola is way less than the potential target audience. We intend to change the temperament, making it a regular-use product. According to Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital Rawalpindi Gastroenterology Department: Around 10-15 people out of 250 daily visit the out-patient department complaining gastric problems. Only 4-6 percent may be using Hajmola due to the disorder. When the brand image is changed, the other 94-96% will also start eating Hajmola. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: •Hajmola is an effective digestive tablet.
•It is renowned and almost everyone knows about Hajmola.
•Hajmola has been in the market since long and people are familiar with the brand name.
•Hajmola is not known as a medicine, it is a non-medical remedy to gastric upsetting.
•There are no products which taste like Hajmola. Weaknesses: Tablet is said to be too spicy for some people and results in a sore mouth. Some people still believe that Hajmola does not solve any problem Opportunities: Since Hajmola is tasty, it is sometimes also used as a candy, despite the fact it is spicy instead of sweet. Hajmola has the ability to increase appetite; this usage is not known among the general consumers. An advertising campaign can promote this usage of Hajmola and increase sales. Threats: Competitor brands like Gestofill and can increase their market share through promotion of their product. Hajmola has to maintain its market share by reinforcing brand imprinting in the masses through repeated advertisement campaigns. POSITIONING STATEMENT Hajmola is a tasty digestive tablet; its regular use can prevent consumers from flatulence, gastric upsets and can increase appetite. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE To achieve a larger target audience and to increase sales by changing the brand image of Hajmola and making it a regular use tablet instead of a tablet used in case of gastric problems and flatulence. MARKETING OBJECTIVES •To promote the use of Hajmola after meals by providing complementary Hajmola tablets in 1000 famous restaurants all over Pakistan. For example: Savor foods, Student Biryani, Bundoo Khan Etc. •To change the brand image of Hajmola and making it a regular use tablet instead of a tablet used in case of gastric problems and flatulence. • To achieve the aim to build 1,000,000+ unique/new buyers of Hajmola digestive tablets. This may be during or shortly after the campaign. If our advertising reaches 200,000+ potential consumers, our product will build 1,000,000+ new consumers. (We assume that on average, each household has 5 potential consumers). TACTICS To play Television Commercial of Hajmola on television and radio channels, specifically the programs related to food, cooking and dining. To play radio advertisements, promoting the regular use of Hajmola. To get brand endorsements from restaurants and to introduce on the house Hajmola tablets in those restaurants. To set up small Hajmola stalls outside major food areas, e.g. Melody food park, Gawalmandi. Get endorsements from doctors that Hajmola is not a medicine to be used in case of stomach upsets, but a regular use digestive tablet to prevent stomach disorders and flatulence. A simple mobile flash game application will be made similar to Pacman. The character will be the cartoon/avatar featured in our posters. He will eat meals, and then run after Hajmola. We will target university cafeterias and have temporary stalls featuring games such as fast eating competitions etc. Harlem Shake Competitions featuring Hajmola MEASURES OF EVALUATION Sales of Hajmola will increase thus increasing the demand of production. Increase in sales will be evident of a successful campaign. GUIDING PRINCIPLE Pakistani people usually consume spicy meals and the frequency of over-eating is high in the target audience. This causes flatulence and stomach upsets more often. People need a digestive supplement to digest such heavy meals. Hajmola serves the purpose by supporting easy digestion and keeping the stomach healthy. CREATIVE BRIEF BRAND IDEA The mission of Hajmola is to prevent people from flatulence and gastric problems by helping them digest heavy and spicy meals more affectively; just by eating the tasty tablet of Hajmola after meals. BRAND PERSONALITY Dabur is advanced in ayurvedic medicines. Dabur Hajmola has been known for many years as an effective digestive tablet that not only provides remedy against flatulence and stomach upsets but also prevents them from occurring. The tagline, Khaya Piya, Hazam Kiya, is a positive statement that bucks up people to eat to their full, because Hajmola is there to help them digest it! The Opportunity is: Dabur Hajmola provides a companion for people who suffer from gas and digestion problems and are hesitant of eating in gatherings. One tablet after a meal is all it takes to have a healthy stomach. Our Proposition is: Hajmola is a tablet that can helps easy digestion and prevents any flatulence and stomach problems. And They Will Believe It Because: Hajmola has been in the market since long. The formula of Hajmola has secured a great reputation over the years. It is known to be affective for the purpose it is advertised for. We now tell the target audience that Hajmola also prevents flatulence and keeps the stomach healthy if taken on a regular basis. LOGO DESIGN LOGO DESIGN WITH DESCRIPTION APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT BROCHURE OUTLINE BROCHURE COVER BUSINESS CARDS PUBLIC RELATIONS OBJECTIVES, through Internet Create and maintain long-term relationships with the potential costumers and stakeholders Create e-newsletter template and contact lists through Mail Merge, and send Emails regarding the product to the concerned costumers. Build fanbase on a social media To built a fanbase we plan to: Post updates and news regarding Hajmola on a regular basis. Make the page interesting, this can be done by giving small incentives to the audience, such as free Mugs, Key chains, Notepads, T-shirts, etc. by answering some simple questions Interact with similar non-profit groups on Facebook to create opportunities for future OBJECTIVES, conventional PR Brochures, business cards, flyers, billboards, and standees will be printed A small sized flyer will be sent out with different nutrition magazines, to make the health conscious people aware of our product, which eliminates almost all the digestion problems. Our campaign will feature introduction of Hajmola in corporate parties, wedding ceremonies, and restaurants. Free samples of Hajmola would be given out Intern Program Special Thanks To: All the people who filled our survey!
Asian Consumer Care Pvt. Ltd.
City FM 89
Dawn News
Quaid-e-Azam Hospital •To provide assistance in the internal organizational matters
•Recruitment twice in a year
•A proper selection process (interviews/group discussions) MEDIA PLAN Facebook: •Updated frequently
•Inform latest changes or packages( newly introduced)
•Will allow customers to provide feedback Website: •Regularly updating the website
•Updates are obligatory (giving complete information)
•A blog would also be included Radio: •Purchase 60 minutes of FM 89.0 etc

•Cost, on average is Rs.3000 per minute

•30 seconds ad

•Would be broadcasted 120 times Television: •One of the most important mediums
•Purchase a total of 60 minutes
•Dawn news charges Rs.20000 per minute
•Major focus would be on cooking shows Sample Kits: •Provide sachets to 500 restaurants
•Total of 1000 sachets to be given to customers by each restaurant BUDGET: •Total of Rs. 3,400,000.
•Remaining 6 lakhs could be used for future investments
•Expense of sachet distribution Rs. 1,000,000
•Radio campaign Rs. 200,000
•Television campaign Rs. 1,200,000
•Other expenses Rs. 1,000,000 (stalls, internees induction) Change in brand image to make Hajmola a regular use item.
Increase sales of Hajmola.
Evaluation Techniques and Potential results:
Post-campaign surveys will be conducted on random sample of target audience and the results will be compared to the results of the pre-campaign survey. The difference in consumer perception will be evident of our campaign.
When sales will increase, a demand will be produced. The difference in pre-campaign sales and post-campaign sales will reflect the affectivity of the campaign. QUESTIONS?
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