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All Cat(alogue)s Are Grey

Looking at the sources for locating Grey Literature.

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Transcript of All Cat(alogue)s Are Grey

All Cat(alogue)s Are Grey
Kieran Lamb

Defining Grey Literature
The Problem of Finding It
What Tools Might It Lurk In
Formal Bibliographic Databases
Institutional Repositories
Library Catalogues
Web Search Tools
Websites and Bulletins
Describing the Stuff Once You've Found It!
Defining Grey Literature
The Luxembourg Definition 1997
"that which is produced on all levels of government, academics, business and industry in print and electronic formats, but which is not controlled by commercial publishers"
The New York Postscript 2004
"not controlled by commercial publishers, i.e., where publishing is not the primary activity of the producing body"
The Prague Definition 2010
"Grey literature stands for manifold document types produced on all levels of government, academics, business and industry in print and electronic formats that are protected by intellectual property rights, of sufficient quality to be collected and preserved by library holdings or institutional repositories, but not controlled by commercial publishers i.e., where publishing is not the primary activity of the producing body."
Quality Information (Not Ephemera)
Worthy of Curation
What it Is!
The Problem of Finding It
Duplication - throughout the tools to find it
Physical Resource - How Do You Access It?
Describing It - NHS Circulars, Eponymous Descriptors
Griffiths Report
1983 'NHS Management Inquiry'
1988 'Community Care: Agenda for Action'
NHS Circulars
HSC 2001/026: Diabetes national service framework: standards
MISC Series (local internal numbering)
Then when you find it, remember it's not peer reviewed in the main! But does that matter?
Formal Bibliographic Databases
HMIC, MEDLINE & CINAHL https://www.nice.org.uk/about/what-we-do/evidence-services/journals-and-databases
PROQUEST - PILOTS Published International Literature On Traumatic Stress http://search.proquest.com/
Cochrane Library http://www.cochranelibrary.com/
HMIC - library catalogues of the King's
Fund and DH. Lot's of UK Health Policy,
Circulars, Think Tank material etc. Odd bit
of International Stuff too!

CINAHL/MEDLINE/PsycINFO/PILOTS - Includes material from American Nursing Associations and Dissertations & lots of conference proceedings

Cochrane Library - HTA reports from
around the globe
Institutional Repositories
CORE https://core.ac.uk/
OpenDoar http://www.opendoar.org/search.php
Oaister - http://oaister.worldcat.org/
BASE - https://www.base-search.net/
What is a repository? An online archive for collecting, preserving, and disseminating digital copies of the intellectual output of an institution.
on a Raymond Chandler Evening
CORE - brings together Open Access materials and content of institutional repositories aiming to aggregate all open access research outputs from repositories and journals worldwide

OpenDoar - authoritative directory of academic open access repositories and Google Custom search to index and search their content

OAIster - from OCLC uses Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). 30 million records from more than 1,500 contributors.

BASE - Bielefeld University Library tool for searching 100m open access/repository documents
Library Catalogues
COPAC http://copac.jisc.ac.uk/
British Library http://explore.bl.uk/
DH https://dhlib.koha-ptfs.eu/
King's Fund http://kingsfund.koha-ptfs.eu/
COPAC - Union catalogue of the major research libraries in the UK (includes the British Library
and the other copyright libraries).

British Library - Copyright Library... theoretically if it's published in the UK it should be in the British Library
Web Search Tools
NICE Evidence Search http://www.evidence.nhs.uk/
TRIP Database https://www.tripdatabase.com/
Prevention Information & Evidence eLibrary http://www.ukhealthforum.org.uk/prevention/pie/
North Grey Literature Collection http://allcatsrgrey.org.uk/wp
CASH http://cash.libraryservices.nhs.uk/
MEDNAR (USA) http://mednar.com/mednar/desktop/en/search.html
Gov.uk https://www.gov.uk/government/publications
OpenGrey http://opengrey.eu/
eTHOS - http://ethos.bl.uk/
Global ETD Search - http://search.ndltd.org/index.php
OATD - Open Access Theses and Dissertations https://oatd.org/
....and the formal bibliographic databases!
Websites & Bulletins
Grey Literature Report http://www.greylit.org/
King's Fund https://www.kingsfund.org.uk
Nuffield Trust http://www.nuffieldtrust.org.uk/
The Health Foundation http://www.health.org.uk/
NESTA http://www.nesta.org.uk/
Any Questions?
Key issues with Library Catalogues, is retrieving the documents when you locate them e.g. Market Research Reports while available from the British Library require in the main a visit to Euston!

Will mix the grey and white literature.... how do you recognise the difference?
Mix of grey and white literature with the exception of PIE and Open Grey
Inclusion criteria though are not often explicit
Google best used with search filters e.g. site: or title:
gov.uk has departmental filters
Describing the Stuff
Finding the person/organisation responsible for the thing
Date of Publication
Place of Publication
What is the thing in your hands/on your screen anyway?
Properties of electronic documents are useful to remember as a source for bibliographic description
Grey Literature report from NYAM a way to look for US developments - particularly important as we move towards Accountable Care Organisations (ACO's) - ceased 2016
King's Fund Library, some really useful bulletins to stay up to date
Health Management and Policy
Health and Wellbeing Boards Alert
Integrated Care Bulletin
eTHOS requires free registration - significant proportion of immediately downloadable dissertations - has a UK focus
OATD requires no registration offers access to theses worldwide
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