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Civil Soldiers

The Fight between brothers.

Joshua Meade

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Civil Soldiers

The North wanted there to be no slaves
in this Wonderful Country. The South wanted this Wonderful Country to have slaves. So the South did not like the North because of it. The North didn't want to fight but it might come to it! There was many great battles like the GettysBurgh War the Bloodest war of them all Thousands of American died. The South faught the North at GettysBurgh. The man leading them was Robert E. Lee. A General of the South. The North General George Gordon Meade. President Lincoln Gave him permishin to lead the Attack.
These Two great Generals Knew Each other at West Point. They Probably took military classes together. But never thought tha they would one day fight each other. South had A good chance of winning the War. But they had to beat the North at GettysBurgh if they would of won it we probably still have slaves and other etc. President Lincoln gave General George Meade the right to command the Attack. With the Prisidential stamp on it.
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