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The Wednesday Wars

No description

Carley Ragsdale

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of The Wednesday Wars

The Wednesday Wars
By: Carley Ragsdale

Title and Author: The Wednesday Wars by: Gary D. Schmidt
Important Pictures that Resemble a Memory: My choice
Option 2: Audio with Visual Attachment
Hi Mrs. Blue, in the file box is my voice over to this. It is the Garage Band one!! Thank you! :-)
Thank you to Google Images for my pictures!!
Book Review
What would you feel like if everybody in the world hates you, even your sister? The mystery, The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt, is filled with comedy and suspense set in the past at a junior high in Long Island. Convinced that his teacher hates his guts, Holling Hoodhood does everything possible to make Mrs. Baker, his teacher, like him.

One of the most interesting characters in the story is Holling’s teacher, Mrs. Baker. She is an example of tough love. She is not the typical teacher who is warm and fuzzy. You have to earn her trust and responsibility. Once that is done you have a chance to grow closer with her. At one point Holling says, “Can you call me Holling instead of Mr. Hoodhood?” Mrs. Baker was sour about this idea but eventually agreed with it.

Another suspenseful part is when Holling gets hurt in the street; Mrs. Baker rushes him to the hospital. Just when he thought she couldn’t hate his guts even more, she cared for him like a second mother. Some may think they see the light at the end of the tunnel (or the resolution). But they should think again.

Also, the author’s demanding yet suspenseful comments keep the story interesting. The next quote will prove that Mrs. Baker is starting to like Holling. “When 1:45 came, half the class left and Danny Hupfer whispered, “If she gives you a cream puff after we leave, I’m going to kill you.” After that threat, two other followed. Mrs. Baker eventually gave Holling a cream puff and the cat got out of the bag from there.

In addition, The Wednesday Wars uncovers important themes including, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Even though Holling is a Presbyterian and is stuck with Mrs. Baker every Wednesday, unlike the other students who go off to religion class, Mrs. Baker should learn to be nice to him. Holling just wants Mrs. Baker to accept him for who he is.

In all, The Wednesday Wars can be recommended for anybody who feels no matter how nice they are, people are still rude to them. It offers, suspense, humor, mystery, and a pinch of romance. Lastly, The Wednesday Wars will keep your nose in the book until the turn of the last page.

The setting is in Long Island, NYC during 1967. Holling attends Camillo Junior High School.

Quick Information
The Hoodhood Family
Heather (sister)
Mom and Dad
Mrs. Baker and Lieutenant Baker
Meryl Lee Kowalski (Holling's girlfriend) Mr. Kowalski
This resembles what Holling and Meryl Lee had on their first date.
These shoes resemble when Holling won the meet for Cross - Country.
This resembles what Holling and Meryl Lee had on their first date.
These delectable cream puffs resemble what Mrs. Baker gave Holling. The others were furious.
These feisty fools were what were in the classroom's ceiling because Holling let them out by accident.
This hot ride resembles when Holling's dad got a new car and his mom and dad would go for a ride in it every night!
This resembles what the class did at the end of the year for two days!
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