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Cathleen D

on 25 January 2015

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Transcript of Transport

8 000 BC
4 000 BC

20th century
500 000 BC
18th century
History of Transport
Middle Stone Age (8000 BC to
4000 BC)
humans invented the boat
built settlements next to the water
--> traveled over the lakes to other settlements
humans started settling
--> used them for transport of people and materials

humans invented the wheel
--> built carriages for transports (only short distances)

Early Modern Age (1500 AD to
1700 AD)

humans used carriages for long distance transports
--> comfortable transport of passengers
post transported letters and packages

new ship types for colonization (e.g. caravel)

Late Modern Age (1700 AD to
1800 AD)
humans invented the bicycle
--> first bicycle: bogie (without chain and pedals)
--> developed to the high-wheel bicycle
--> developed to the "normal" bicycle
--> fast and save transport

1800 to 1900
first ships with steam-drive
--> short transport time
--> used often
--> displaced the sailing ships
19 th Century
1804: first steam locomotive
-->1825: first transport of people
cheap and very fast

1856: first car (similar to carriages)
--> very expensive
Henry Ford's T-Model was cheap --> bought often

combustion engine catches on

2 000 BC

16th century

19th century
20 th Century
the dream of flying was a big wish in the 13 th century --> became reality
1901: Gustave Whitehead build a plane that flew up in the air --> improved in time
use of planes by the mail or post, then for defense and for war
March 1919: first international passenger line
got bigger, cheaper and faster with new materials
today: common way of transport (for holiday, business,...)
New Stone Age (4000 BC to
3500 BC)
Old Stone Age (till 8000 BC)
first humans hunted animals
--> followed them
--> had long walks

human transported things with their own physical strength

Antiquity (3500 BC to
500 AD)
Romans build 65.000km long street
watercraft developed or differentiated
for different uses
Medieval (500 AD to 1500 AD)
most transport on horses

shipbuilding improved
--> bigger ships
--> more space for goods
main trade route: Levant to Italy
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