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SNU Preparation

No description

Ann Taylor

on 19 March 2018

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Transcript of SNU Preparation

SNU Preparation
Council for Accreditation of
Counseling & Related Educational Programs
Three national professional accreditations
Dr. Ann Taylor
Dean, College of Education
Professor of Education
Hearing school partners and candidates speak about the ways school-university partnership are integral and mutually beneficial aspects of educator preparation
Structures and/or Practices that power Studio School Model
Teacher Candidates as 6-10 additional professionals
Working and
moving flexibly across department or grade boundaries
, gaining experience in multiple classrooms while addressing real needs. ("differentiated staffing" (Wise, 2004).

Focusing on
needs of groups/classes of students and their learning
: planning, instructing, assessing, intervening.

Expect, behave and interact as member of school staff, with expectation of extra-curricular activities, attendance, IEP meetings, professionalism, etc.
Mentored by teachers AND a university clinical educator through regular, predictable on-site presence 1 full day (weekly or bi-weekly)
STUDIO SCHOOLS - locations
three durable practices
: Intentional collaborating, instructing and reflecting through continuous improvement cycle of "Inquiring into My Practice - IMPS." Coherent, grounded theoretical approach.

One semester
1-2 days/week

One Semester
4-5 days/week

Data nuggets
Hearing how clinical experience is defining the ways pedagogical skills and knowledge are developed in teacher candidates
Kratz Elementary
Pattonville High
Fairview Elementary
Hazelwood Central High
Hazelwood West High
Zitzman Elementary
Coleman Elementary

Fox Middle
Seckman High School
Duschesne Elementary
Parker Road Elementary
Ferguson Middle
McCluer North High
McCluer South Berkley High
Peveley Elementary
Mann Elementary
Roosevelt High School
Harvest Ridge Elementary
Saint Louis Public Schools
Meramec Valley
Francis Howell
Sherwood Elementary
Premier Charter
34 Studio Schools
Rittenour High School
Fort Zumwalt
Dardenne Elementary
St. Peters Elementary
Lewis and Clark Elementary
Fox High School
Hannah Woods Elementary
Fort Zumwalt West High School
Craig Elementary
Herculaneum High School
University City
University City High School
Senn Thomas Middle
Principia Elementary
Hawthorne Elementary
Flint Hill Elementary
Oakville High School
Barnard Middle
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