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Women's Sports During the 1920's

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Berklee Vaillancourt

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Women's Sports During the 1920's

Women's Athletics in the 1920's
Basketball was one of the most popular sports for women to play
1905-06 National Women's Basketball committee becomes apart of the American Physical Education Association
1918 Bounce pass is aloud and the coach cannot coach through out the game except during half time
1921 Katherine Mayee becomes first coach of Penn's women's athletic team and organizes the first women's intercollegiate competitions.
Field Hockey
1922 U.S. Field Hockey Association was founded promoting intercollegiate and interscholastic competition
Constance Applebee brought it to the U.S. while attending a seminar at Harvard University
Women's FH arrived in the U.S. before mens FH. Though in Europe it is more popular when it is played by men.
Was thought to be to dangerous for women, but it grew its popularity quickly
Colleges and clubs quickly grew prosperous programs and it soon trickled down into high school.
What women had to fight against
It was not lady like to jump, sweat, and run.
They are meant to be fans
Should not be doing what men are doing
Men are bigger and better in all aspects of life
They should only play sports as past time activities
They are not athletic
Sports Boomed in the 1920s
"Golden Age for American Sports"
Bigger and better stadiums were built
Roads were improved which allowed people to easily get to sporting events
The beginning of people paying to see athletic events because of the prosperous economy

Interesting Dates
1903 - Eleanor Roosevelt enrolls in the Junior League of New York where she teaches calisthenics and dancing to immigrants
1910 - Dr. Clelia Duel Mosher disproves several popular myths of female health, including one claiming women breathe differently than men, which makes them unfit for strenuous exercise
1914 - The American Olympic Committee formally opposed women's athletic competition in the Olympics. The only exception is the floor exercise, where women are allowed to only wear long skirts.
1921 - The National Women's Athletic Association is organized.

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