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In Cold Blood

No description

Emily Martin

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of In Cold Blood

Summary (The Murderers)
Perry had just arrived to a cafe after just recently been released from prison a short stocky fellow with several tattoos was waiting on his friend Dick which was one of Perry's buddies from prison. Dick was a tall fellow also with several tattoos, Dick is on his way to pick of Perry from the cafe for a "huge" score; little did they all they would be getting from this score was forty dollars and a transistor radio. Perry was waiting on dick who was running a little late, and was sitting down to take and drink his breakfast, and by that I mean his breakfast consisted of three aspirins and a root beer. Perry took the aspirin because he has a bum leg do to an awful motorcycle accident. Finally, Dick arrived finding Perry in the bathroom cleansing himself but also in a daze looking in the mirror, Perry always drifted into dazes when looking at his reflection, good visions of his childhood, what he would rather be doing with his life, and awful visions from his childhood. Dick was stunned when he saw Perry, and all he had with him was a guitar, a cardboard suitcase, and two huge cardboard boxes of maps, songs, poems, and old letters. Dick thought to himself "Christ do you take the stuff everywhere Perry?" The boys left the cafe and headed to Dick's work where he tuned-up his car for the journey to Perry's sister house and hunting (that is at least what they told everyone but really they were headed to Holcomb for the "score") , he was a very promising mechanic making sixty dollars a week. Then they took off for their long journey to Holcomb, they stopped at some pit stops on the way there to buy food, rope, rubber gloves, and tape. Upon reaching Holcomb they were talking about the score and what to do, they said no witnesses what so ever (they will be leaving with blood on their hands tonight). They waited for the train to pass before approaching the house so no one can hear them approaching in their car. They entered the house and bound and gagged all of the clutter family. Then the book skips to the friends of the Clutters finding their body's the next Sunday morning.
Historical Context
Truman Capote author of In Cold Blood had many different viewpoints on life which made him the tremendous author that he was. Truman Capote was an open homosexual which gave him room to talk about extremely out there subjects when he was interviewed on television. He made the public fall in love with him for his lovable attitude, knockout opinions, and major personality. Even Capote did not attend college he made something of himself to become one of the greatest authors known in history, he wrote several novels, and a few short stories, one of the novels before In Cold Blood was Other Voices, Other Rooms in 1948. Capote was also involved in several stage and film plays. Capote had returned to the United States after nearly ten years in Europe. He was returning to the United States hoping to been known for writing one of the most epic nonfiction novels known to man. He proved by writing In Cold Blood he could do just that. In his return to the United States he saw a newspaper article with a story of gruesome, tragic murders of a small town family in Holcomb, Kansas. This newspaper article was just what he was looking for, it was the perfect story to write a nonfiction novel on. Capote became extremely close to the two murderers, Perry Edward Smith and Richard Eugene Kickock, while researching every excruciating detail about the murders. Capote never took notes, yet he could remember every detail to any question answered by someone, while doing research, the police also allowed him to look at police reports all the way up to the executions of Richard and Perry. In Cold Blood was published in January of 1966. Everyone who read the book In Cold Blood fell in love with the story and the plot, knowing that every single detail Truman Capote wrote was the gods honest truth. Truman was an extravagant author whom everyone who came in contact with , by reading his books, watching an interview, or just meeting him in person, fell in love with his "out-there" comments or witty remarks, that's what made him a tremendous author.
Internal Conflicts-
In Cold Blood
Author: Truman Capote
Presentaion By: Emily B. Martin
Summary (The Family)
In the first section of the book In Cold Blood, describing a families dailey life while unknowingly their life is quickly approaching the end for all four members of the family. The first several parts of the book describes the Clutter Family that lives in a quite, little farm house in Holcomb, Kansas. The first family member descrided in the book was Mr. Herbert Clutter who had just recently completed a medical examination, for an insurance policy which deemed him a fit, healthy forty-eight year old man. Mr. Clutter married the women he met through a friend in college named Bonnie. Mr. Clutter and Mrs. Clutter had four children together, the eldest Eveanna, was married and now lives in northern Illinois with her husband and ten month old son. The second eldest, Beverly is engaged to be married to a young boy during the week of Christmas, and lives at River Valley Farm, Kansas. Both of the two eldest daughter are to be expected to come in for a Thanksgiving dinner in just a fortnight. Now for the two youngest, the boy Kenyon was just fifteen and has one sister a year older who everyone in Holcomb knew and loved, kind of like her father, Nancy, known as the town darling. Mrs. Clutter has suffered from depression do to an "out-of-order" backbone, but since she found out that was the reason of her depression and metal unstability she has slowly been returning to her "old self". The Clutter family had a normal day on the day before the murders which was November 13, 1959, from which I assumed because it does not give much detail on the day before the murders. The one thing described on the day before the murders was Nancys outstanding performance in the play "Tom Sawyer", and after her father allowing her to go to a late night spook movie that was being held for friday the thirteenth with the boy Bobby she had been seeing (her father was not all the fond of her "friend" Bobby). From the night before and Mr. Clutter staying up late because he had to wait on Nancy to get home from the spook movie (he was not happy when she got back later than her curfew), it caused him to break his morning retual of wakeing up at six-thirty, to wakeing up well past seven. As Mr. Clutter sat in his office and prepared for the day, Nancy had taken two phone calls one from Mrs. Katz to see if Nancy could teach her daughter Jolene how to make one of her famous award winning cherry pies, and Nancy goes to her fathers office to break off plans to go to a 4-H meeting so she could make room to teach Jolene; as for the second call, it was her long time best friend Susan to hear all the juicy details from the spook movie the night before. Kenyon had just finished takeing a quick puff of a cigarette without anyone knowing until Nancy smelt it on his breath as she would also sometimes sneek a puff here and there (their father would throw a fit if he found out). The Clutter familly would spend the rest of the day as they would any other normal Saturday, Nancy finished all of her errands, Mr. Clutter took Kenyon to the 4-H meeting since Nancy had to change her schdule around, and Mrs. Clutter after watching Jolene til Mrs. Katz came to pick her up, Mrs. Clutter went straight to her room and retired herself for the rest of the day. Little did the Clutters know this normal Saturday would be their last normal Saturday.
There are several internal conflicts in the book In Cold Bold, the first or the
the conflict that Perry has with himself. Perry day dreams all the time but his day dreams are not always dreams most of the time they are nightmares. For instant, you learn alot of Perrys past through his "nightmares", his mom died when he was young, she was a drunk, and had sexual relations with several men behind her husnbands back. Also there is Mrs. Bonnie Clutter she has great depression, she suffers day end and day out with awful thought, such as, thinking that her family does not need her. Mrs. Clutter stays in her room mostly and just sleeps.
External Conflicts-
The External conflicts in the book start off with Mr. Clutter not wanting Nancy to be dating the boy
Bobby she had been seeing. Even though he allows her to go to a spook movie the night before they were murdered, with Bobby, he was very upset with Nancy when she returned home later then her curfew that night. Now, for the main external conflict of the entire book is the murders. Dick and Perry enter the home of the Clutters looking for a safe, they wake up Mr. Clutter. He tries really hard to explain their is no safe, and begs them not to hurt his family. Unknowingly Mr. Clutter had no idea that Dick and Perry had a plan to leave no witnesses behind.
internal conflicts are
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