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Social Reproduction

No description

Francisco Galarte

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Social Reproduction

GWS150 - Prof. Galarte
Social Reproduction
October 19, 2015

Key Terms/Concepts
Cult of true womanhood
Other Mothers
Reproductive Autonomy
Forced Sterilization
Cult of True Womanhood
1. Motherhood as a Woman's highest calling - "transmitters of knowledge"
Women's Activities limited to:
Care of Children
Nurturing the Husband
Maintaining the Household

2. Motherhood as an institution also reproduces gender inequity
How does the slam poem touch upon this?

3. White Women's Challenge to Motherhood
Compulsory Motherhood should be outlawed
"Women can be mothers so long as they are not only mothers"

4. Assumptions about Motherhood that are problematic for Ethnic Minorities
Motherhood only occurs in a private, nuclear household
Strict sex-role segregation - separate male and female spheres of influence
Linking of motherhood and economic dependency - "motherhood as an occupation"
Lack of attention to the question of power - in relationship to race and class
Women Centered Networks

1. What are different types of kinship (familial) networks?

2. How do "women centered networks" complicate how we understand "motherhood as an institution"?
Think about the three assumptions about motherhood that do not work for ethnic minorities.

Reclaiming Motherhood and Problems with White Feminist Critiques of Motherhood
Why re-claim motherhood?
Euro-centric views of Black and Native Motherhood
Mammies and Matriarchs
Appropriation of Indigenous traditions, rituals, and philosophies
Motherwork - ensures individual and collective survival
Public/Private sphere not split
Social reproduction - viewed powerful and political
White feminist struggle for reproductive autonomy tied to Eugenics Movement
This highly impacted women of various ethnic backgrounds and "abilities"
The right to have children (to be a mother) was effectively denied through forced sterilization.
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