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habitat of peacock

No description

trell aikens

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of habitat of peacock

habitat of peacock
peacocks climate
peacock prefer warm to moderate temperatures are best for raising peacocks. they can tolerate cold weather as long as they have shelter, adequate food and water.
peacocks predators
wild, feral, and domestic felines and canines are the most common predators to peacocks and hens.
peacocks adaptations
1. peacock adaptation is it has a short pointy beak. 2.there eyes are on the side of there heads so they can see all around. 3. They have bright feathers to attract mate. 4. They have sharp talons to help them grab things.

Thank you!
peacocks are mostly found in sri lanka, India, Pakistan, and Himalayas. they have been introduced to deciduous forest and they like country that provides thick overgrowth
They are not carnivores. peacocks eat fruit, seeds, and other plant materail.
This help them get mates
There beak help them eat seeds.
They have adapted how to communicate with each other
They have adapted to have there eyes on the side of there head
how does adaptation help a peacock
1. one helpful adaptation is that their eyes are on each side of there head so they can see around. 2. Another helpful adaptation is there colorful feathers help them attract mates 3. their beaks are short and pointy so they can pick up seeds and fruits. 4. they have sharp talons to grab branches and other things.
will the peacock survive climate change?
They will survive the climate change because they can stand hot weather and the earth is getting warmer.
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