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No description

Sherry Silva

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Internship

Site Demographics Project Overview ISLLC Standards Pros and Cons Serendipitous Moment Sherry Silva Argosy University Internship K-12 District 38,000 + students 26 elementary schools
6 junior high schools
5 high schools
Gilbert Public Schools students will excel academically with emphasis on mathematics, writing, and reading. Gilbert Public Schools
Mission: Ensure exemplary education that inspires excellence and success within every learner. Elementary Schools
Excelling: 19
Highly Performing: 6
Performing Plus: 1
Gilbert Public Schools will attract, retain, and value exemplary teachers, support staff, and administrators who are committed to providing exceptional learning environments.
Gilbert Public Schools will be recognized as the foremost provider of superior educational programs and services. GOALS Director
Staff Development Andrew Szczepaniak Write from the Beginning developmental writing program K - 5 grade builds on previous grade grade level instruction is leveled rubics 80% focused mini lessons worked with collegues to plan and implement educational goals

Created opportunities to reinforce school values on a schoolwide basis Systematically ensured alignment between curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Developed and corrdinated instructional programs that utilize best practices Created appropriate project timelines and accountablity mechanisms.
Knowledgable and adhered to laws, rules and regulations
Ensured that staff and students had necessary materials and information for an effective learning environment.

Honest, direct, and solution focused.
Acknowledged responsibility for acions. Used sound selfless judgement when rendering decisions that affected others.
Solicited feedback from those who are affected by decisions. Implemented policies and procedures.
Shared information and resources to help others achieve goals. Writing program across grades Mentor created materials everyone wants and will use

saved the staff time

more likely to use program

learned the overall idea of program & saw where the kids were going after kindergarten
Everyone wants one

RIF Pros Cons Questions?
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