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Anna -Marie -Molina

No description

Joanne Gries

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Anna -Marie -Molina

1. It is to help us with are Fossil Flues.
Wind Energy
Geothermal Energy
The heat comes from the ground
we use that to make energy.
Solar Energy
Alternative Energy
by: Anna-Marie

Alternative Energy
What is
There are panels that gets the Sun
light to make energy with out use the
Fossil Flues.

The are is a Turbines to get the wind
moving the turbines to make energy.
The bigger it is the more energy we get.
When the turbine spin it turn a generator .
Pros they do not use fossil fuels/ renewable

Cons need a lot of money a winded place.

Pros: renewable
no fossil fuels
Cons:a lot of money
a sunny place
Pros: is renewable does not use fossil fuels.
Cons: it cost a lot of money
needs a hot place.
2. It will help the Earth with out using
the fossil flues.
It makes the earth bad to breath in the
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