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The Book Thief

The presentation piece for The Book Thief in our ACE English 1020 class.

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Transcript of The Book Thief

The Book Thief Leisel and her family are on a train on their way to the children's new home. A foster home. On the ride, Leisel's brother dies, prompting the family to stop for a funeral. At which, Leisel steals her first book: The Grave Digger's Handbook. After the funeral, Leisel is taken to
her foster home alone. Her mother leaves and she meets her new parents: Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Leisel has nightmares, that make her scream in the middle of the night. Hans comes to comfort her each night, staying until she falls back to sleep. A DEFINITION NOT FOUND IN THE DICTIONARY

Not leacvng: an act of trust and love, often deciphered by children. One night, Leisel
wets her bed. Her stolen handbook falls on the floor while Hans is helping her to wash the sheets.
Hans asks her if
she wants to read
it. She says
yes, and he
her the
alphabet. Leisel meets Rudy Steiner while playing soccer. Their initial meeting comes in the form of a snowball to the face for Leisel. After attempting to read aloud at school, Leisel gets teased about her reading at recess. When Ludwig Schmeikl teases her once more, she
snaps and beats
him up. Leisel steals her second book, The Shoulder Shrug, from a Nazi book burning on the Hitler's birthday. While delivering the wash to the Mayor's house one day, Leisel is invited inside by Ilsa Hermann. Ilsa takes Leisel to her library where
Leisel will be allowed to
read. Max Vandenburg,
a runaway Jew, shows up at the Hubermann house because of a promise made a long time ago. Max sleeps for three days. Leisel checks on him often and when he wakes up, they both frighten eachother. Jena Dolaway, Julie Rohr, and Tyler Galpin A week after her twelfth birthday, Leisel is presented with a handmade book from Max called The Standover Man. Ilsa Hermann informs Leisel that the Hermann's could no longer employ Rosa Hubermann's ironing. Ilsa tries to get Leisel to take a book called The Whistler, but out
of spite Leisel refuses. After many "losses" against Franz Deutscher, Leisel and Rudy decide they need to steal for a "win". Leisel chooses the Mayor's house
to steal from
and she steals
The Whistler. Rudy begins to act up against people that are in power over him. He earns himself a haircut, and a wade
through the river
after a book. Max gets sick and sleeps for many days. While he's sick, Leisel reads to him and brings him gifts. The first air raid comes to Himmel street. In the bomb shelter, Leisel reads to help stay calm, but since she can't pay attention, she reads aloud to herself.
But she ends up
reading to the
whole shelter. After hearing Leisel read in the Shelter, Frau Holtzapfel makes an offer to Leisel. If Leisel reads to her, Frau Holtzapfel will stop spitting on
the Hubermann's
door and give
them her coffee
rations. The first Jew parade comes down Himmel Street. Hans makes the foolish decision to give an old Jew a piece of bread. Because of the suspicion, Max
will have to
leave. Hans Hubermann and Alex Steiner are drafted into the war. Rosa gives Leisel The Word Shaker, a book that Max had made for Leisel. Leisel converses with Ilsa Hermann in her library for the first time since she started stealing books from her. Leisel learns that
the library is
Ilsa's not the Mayor's. In the second air raid on Himmel Street, an American plane crashes. While the pilot is dying, Rudy rests a teddy bear on the pilot's shoulder. Because of a broken leg, Hans Hubermann is sent home. In another raid, Himmel Street is bombed, killing almost everyone except Leisel. Leisel finally kisses Rudy Steiner, but he won't remember it. Leisel sees Max in
a parade of Jews and they have a moment. They are both whipped and it takes Rudy and Tommy to get her away from the road. Ilsa Hermann visits Leisel and gives her a small black book to write in. Leisel begins to write her story, one that would save her life, The Book Thief. After the war, Alex Steiner comes home. Leisel takes up work in his shop and one fateful afternoon, Max Vendenburg shows up at the Steiner's shop. Leisel lives to an old age. She marries and lives in Sydney. When she died, her soul sat up for Death and Death shows her
that he had
kept her story. Death Werner Leisel's Mother Rosa Hubermann Hans Hubermann Rudy Steiner Ilsa Hermann Max Vandenburg Leisel Meminger Adolf Hitler "I know"- Rosa Hubermann HERE IS A SMALL FACT
Not leaving: an act of trust and love, often deciphered by children "When death captures me,
he will feel my fist on his face. THIRTEEN GIFTS
Popped Soccer Ball
Two newspapers
Candy wrapper
Toy soldier
Miraculous leaf
Finished Whistler
Slab of grief

"One day, Leisel,
you'll be dying to kiss me." "...anything was better than being a Jew." "If they killed him tonight, at least he would die alive." "If we gamble on a Jew, I would prefer to gamble on a live one." "It's the best book ever, it saved my life." "As we speak, he is plotting his way into your neighborhood...Will you stand there and let him do this...Or will you climb up into this ring with me?" " 'I know,' she said. She knew." "From a Himmel Street window, the
stars set fire to my eyes." "You've done enough." A hundred and ninety-six soldiers could not make any impact on the word shaker's tree. "I guess I'm better at leaving
things behind than stealing them." "Humans, if nothing else,
have the good sense to die." "I am haunted by humans." "I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right."
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