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Inference #1

Available at Prezzip.com

Your Prezis

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Inference #1

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Inference is just a big word that means judgement or conclusion.
What is it?
People often visit me
but usually not by choice.
I make them feel more comfortable
when I use a soothing voice.

I went to school a long, long time
to learn just how to heal.
Now I can treat a cold, the flu,
the mumps...it's no big deal.

So stick your tongue out at me;
let me look inside your nose.
I'll check you out all over,
from your head down to your toes.

I can tell that you don't like it here
by the way you fuss and squirm.
But an apple a day just might keep me away....
(unless you bite into a worm!)

Who Am I?
Why infer?
I get up really early
then come driving down your street.
It's an awfully dirty job,
but in a way, it's kind of neat.

After all, I am important.
Without me, the world would stink!
And believe me, that would not be
half as cool as you might think.

So bring me all your wrappers and your egg shells and your tissues.
(I'd rather not get into all
the sanitary issues).

But I'd like to say one thing
about the garbage bags you use-
Make sure they're strong or
all your trash will fall out on my shoes!

Who Am I?
Authors don't always tell you EVERYTHING.
They want you to read between the lines.
working together
Whatever I imagine
I can somehow make turn real.
I have no special powers,
just some talent and some zeal.

Sometimes I stay up really late
and type the night away.
(It drives my family crazy
but they love me anyway!)

I’m kind of a perfectionist,
I edit and amend.
Not ‘til every word is just right,
have I truly reached “The End”

I bring fantasy to life
with every page I scrawl upon.
And even though the stories end,
the words are never gone.
Who am I?
My career is really taking off
but there's more to it than that.
For I can take you far away
in 30 minutes flat.

You can sit beside the window
and look at the ants below.
From here, the earth looks all the same,
no matter where you go.

My future is up in the air.
My hopes remain sky high.
Most people are beneath me,
cuz I'm quite a lofty guy.

Of course, sometimes I have to keep
my feet firm on the ground.
Like when I'm home,
or when somebody's luggage can't be found.

Who Am I?
Let's try an activity. Let's read a set of poems. Try to read between the lines to infer the occupation of the people in the poems.
We are going to watch a collection of "Google Search Stories". After each clip, I want you to infer the story it was trying to tell.
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