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The Roman Empire

No description

Amanda Wilcoxson

on 20 February 2017

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Transcript of The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire
The Pax Romana
27 BCE- 180 CE
"The Time of Happiness"
The Empire in Trouble
Internal Issues
Changes under Augustus
Combined Autocracy/Democracy
The Roman Legacy
The Decline of Rome
Reasons for Rome's Decline
Creating a World State 27 BCE
1. Augustus and the Foundations of the Empire
2. The Pax Romana
3. Signs of Trouble
4. The Decline of Rome
5. The Legacy of Rome
Caesar Augustus
Military Changes
Changes to Rome
Famous Leaders
"Five Good Emperors"
Social Improvements
Roman Culture
Philosophy- Stoicism
Art and Architecture
Social Problems
Cultural Stagnation
Spread of Mystery Religions
Spiritualization of Philosophy
Diocletian and Constantine
Tribal Migrations and Invasions
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