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GSK Nasal Spray

No description

Chris Gunby

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of GSK Nasal Spray

GSK Avamys
Evolution THE AIM OF THE PROJECT VoC Research Con's Small, Intuitive, Aesthetically pleasing, Indicator of remaining medicine. Small bottle, No lid, Difficult for elderly users. Pro's Con's large nozzle, market leader, aesthetic, easy to use Can't see the remaining volume of medicine Pro's Con's Ergonomic, simple to use and suitable for all ages. Large and expensive to manufacture Pro's Con's Small and simple. Can easily see remaining medicine. Lack of gripping surface and difficult for the elderly to use So, what do you think? Venn diagram
Identify desirable features of nasal spray from HCP and consumer point of view.
Overlapping section shows features with greatest significance.
Indicates which design features to focus on the most. VoC Research Specific consumer research conducted for the Avamys device.
Overall consumers were highly satisfied with the device.
Although some areas where consumers were not satisfied and areas which could be improved.
Mechanism to administer the medicine requires too greater force.
Smaller and lighter Redesign and develop
Focus on customer-based research VoC Research Various factors that a HCP would take into account when prescribing a treatment.
Factors of greatest importance closer to the top.
Factors of less importance closer to the bottom.
Familiarity and safety at the top
Easy of use above cost Existing Product Research Pro's Design Specification Function
F1 - Intuitive to use (0.1)
F2 - Easy operation technique (0.07)
F3 - Minimal to no training required (0.06)
F4 - Few buttons/not complicated (0.04)
F5 – Refills (0.07)

Er1 – Minimal strength required to operate (in order to avoid stress/injury) (0.08)
Er2 – Easy to open/close lid (0.05)
Er3 – Comfortable grip (0.06)
Er4 – Light/small (0.08)

A1 – Discrete and attractive (0.07)
A2 – Different colours (0.05)

Medicine administration
M1 – Easy to tell medicine has been administered (0.04)
M2 – Consistency of dosage (0.06)
M3 – Clear indication of how much medicine is remaining (0.07)

C1 – Overall cost (0.1) Initial Concepts Initial Concepts Design 1 Design 2 Design 3 Design 4 Pros
Easy to use
Suitable for people with impairments
Interchangeable bottle Cons
Complex shape
Not as portable as other products on market Design 5 Pros
Easy to use
Interchangeable bottle Cons
Some may find difficult to grip
Seizing of button Design 6 Pros
Easy to use
Interchangeable bottle Cons
Complexity of design
Easily breakable Design 7 Rapid prototyping Design 3 Design 7 Developed designs using a rapid prototyping method - 3D printing.
Important for ergonomics.
Visual aid for gaining consumer feedback. Consumer Feedback Created a questionnaire
Gain feedback from consumers
Highlight areas for improvement
Revealed favourable aspects:
Reusability - Design 7
Visibility of medicine - Design 7
Ergonomics - Design 3&4
Intuitive operation - Design 3&4 Final Design And here's how it works... Analysis against Design Specification Further Development In Summary... - Our design is a slimmed down, light weight evolution of the original.

- Can purchase a single unit and then dispose of cartridges when medicine runs out.

- Intuitive cartridge system for ease of use and visibility of remaining medicine.

- Adapted internal mechanism and improved ergonomics for more comfortable use. THANKS FOR LISTENING We would appreciate any constructive feedback or questions you have. Aesthetic Variations = More user choice *Not to scale Basic frame incorporated from designs 3&4.
Intuitive operation and ergonomic design achieved.
Wrap around window developed into side entry.
Combining reusability and visibility of medicine aspects from design 7. CAD We used these designs for rapid prototyping.
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