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30 Things About Me

These are the 30 things about me, pictures of things that I like to do and some interesting things about me.

Jordan Robinson

on 18 August 2011

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Transcript of 30 Things About Me

30 Things About Me 1. MHS FOOTBALL 3. Chicago Bears are my favorite football team! 4. My Grandma Died when i was in 7th grade Devin Hester is my favorite NFL player 5. I was born in Arizona 2. 6. I like Facebook 7. I Have a Red Nose Pitbull and a St. Bernard 8. My Favorite Number is 33 9. I like Michael Jordan 10. Basketball is my secondary Sport 11. I run Track 12. I Love to go to Disneyland 13. My favorite subject is Math 14. I want to attend Stanford University one day 15. I want to play football for stanford and go to the NFL 16. I wish there was dislike button on facebook 17. I love Pizza 18. I can dunk a volleyball:) 19. I love to watch ESPN! 20. Barney was my favorite show when i was little 21. I'm a baller 22. i love my grandma's cookies and Brownies:) 23. I like the outdoors! 24. My favorite movie is Friday Night Lights 25. I wear a Power Balance Band 26.I have my ears pierced 27. I want to be able to speak spanish fluently! 28. I had 16 touchdowns my Freshman year 30. I am an only child!:) How you doin'!!!?
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