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Taking Care of Business.

Teens and what matters online.

Anjela Webster

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Taking Care of Business.

Respect and Protect
Your life online,
the self-made identities you've
and what matters...

-Your reputation
-Your future
-Your friends
-Unknown others
You're going somewhere
We don't exist in our own bubble online
An impression
is created every time we go

- so what we do there ......

However One can go too far...
So what's the big deal ...
I know what I'm doing
From the tips of your fingers, to the very core of your being, you are are a one-off. Sculptured by the greatest carver. No-one else can ever be you. You are tasked with using your talent, your creativity, your strength, your speed, your thinking, your empathy.....
to impact your multiple online and offline worlds- and take your life on the awesome experience it is created to be. Not without challenge and effort, but every bit worth it.

Think, respect, reflect, rewrite........

Manage your reputation

'Market' yourself

Think before you click
What sort of a digital tattoo are
you wearing?

Even when a tattoo is removed, the scars remain.

Our activities online create a permanent shadow
reflective of our character
even if we believe we have deleted postings and content.

This is about your brand and character
MANAGE IT - no-one else is going to!
Digital Tattoo being designed daily
hows it looking?
Tagging Pics and posts
'Liking' comments
'Liking' pages
screen shots
Everything is tracked and logged... FB, Google, TUMBLR, etc.
Your activities are not erased.
READ the fine print ... (even sites like SNAPCHAT)
Just a heads up - NZ laws are about to change
- all things cyber are up for interpretation within
our laws.
Sorry might not cut the mustard....

Presentation -Anjela Webster
Images sourced through Creative Commons License
where possible.
If you are actively trying to hurt others
online, step back and ask yourself
" WHY? "

Research shows that more often bullies are themselves
experiencing serious personal issues and need help.

You can't hide forever on the Net...
Laws are changing that are designed to protect others and expose perpetrators.
What you do now could effect the rest of your life

our personal story...
anoldent - Flikr
Pictures of you...
who has them?
what do they say?
What comments did you make?
who then added to them?
where are they now?
Will it matter in 5 years?
before you

its called
self -respect
Victims and Bullies - Casey Heynes
Shameful moments
offensive comments
forever immortalized online
NZ - Bullying - Harassment - Stealing
Suicides - (Ask.fm-Palmerston Nth Teenager)
Girls abused - man meets girl at Warehouse
Boys abused - 28 Yr old case CHCH boys
Personal information stolen - identities off FB
Public shame - 'Slag' comments on FB pages
Viral photos - naked or compromising images
Wired and Wise
How many do you need?
Do an audit
every 6
"Harmful Digital communications"
- Incite suicide whether or not any action is taken.
- Intimidating someone online
- Spreading damaging or degrading rumours
- publishing invasive and distressing images
- harassing someone online - stalking, verbal abuse, posting emotionally affecting content .....

Criminal Record =

major impact on travel, career, accommodation
Most forms today that you fill out require you to enter details of any criminal record you have acquired, and police checks are carried out for many occupations.
- 1 in 5 victims of cyber-bullying are distressed enough
to have a major impact in their life.
- 4 in 5 victims are impacted but don't share with others.

- Most cyber-bullies and victims are girls.
- Many reported incidences that NetSafe receive are from girls
who have lost control of images, or pics have been taken of them
and been shared publicly.
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