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Science Water Question

No description

Avani P

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Science Water Question

How Might the Waste that Humans
Produce Affect our Watersheds?!?! What is a watershed? The Different Types of Wastes that Humans Produce Affects of Radioactive
Waste on our Watershed Affects of of Oil Spills on Watersheds Affects of Sewage Water on our Watershed Thanks for Watching! :) ;) - Domestic Sewage Dumping
- Oil Spills or Leaks
- Dumping Radioactive Waste
- Global Warming
- Over Use of Wells
- Water Diversion and Export It is mainly sewage originating from kitchen, bathroom and laundry sources. It contains wide variety of dissolved and suspended impurities. Impurities such as plant nutrients which tend to rot after a while. These impurities are very likely to contain disease causing microbes. -oil spills affect our water in many ways.
-when oil oil is released into water it doesn't blend but spreads into a very thin layer
-that layer is called slicks
- slicks can go into drinking water if it isn't cleaned properly and can be very hazardous to humans and animals Our Local Watershed The 16 Mile Creek is our local watershed. Lisgar Creek is part our local watershed. The water from there goes all the way to Lake Ontario. What can the outcome be when you pollute your local watershed? When you do this.......... ......this can be the outcome. What is "Domestic Sewage Water"? Ecological Damage It Causes: -When the sewage water enters the river, lake creek or any other fairly clean body of water and micro organisms begin to decompose into organic materials.
-This can damage our aquatic life and if not purified before getting to us it can cause food poisoning and health problems. Sewage Water Causing Eutrophication: Eutophication is the increase in concentration of chemical elements required for life. So, basically there are too much nutrients for the life existing in the water which can kill the other life. Things like nitrates and phosphates and other organic matter in human feces dumped into the water serve as food for algae and bacteria. These organisms over populate and make it difficult for the aquatic environment to live. Sewage Water being Poured into Rivers ? ! ? ! What Happens to the Slick?? -It expands until the oil layer is extremely its then even thinner.
-That layer is called sheen and is usually less than 0.01mm.
-Oil spills on surface of water are subjected to whims of water, waves
-All these natural forces move slicks across the surface of water
-These forces even control the direction the slicks moves in . The entire drainage area that flows to the lowest point at a single location. Basically water draining from a higher area of ground to a lower area of ground. What is radioactive waste? ... when there are oil spills in the oceans and seas they would wash up and into our watershed because water travels everywhere. Then when oil spills from cars, or people throwing oil away in there sewage systems also washes up and into our watershed, it gets polluted in that way to. It not only affects our wildlife and economy but also affects the quality of our water. -Radio active waste is material, such as nuclear waste caused fromnuclear power generator, nuclear fission, or nuclear technology (research and medicine..
- Radioactive waste is hazardous to most forms of life.
-Exposure to high levels of radioactive waste may cause serious harm or death. Oil Spill How Do Oil Spills Affect the Water? Devastated Pelican Stuck in Oil Spill How do oil spills affect animals.
-When oil floats on the water surface, any animal
that surfaces in the center of the slick ingests the oil
- If this animal is miles from the oil spill but happens to ingest a fish that swam through it, it is poisoned. -The planet's water cycle is the main way radiation gets spread throughout the water.
-Radioactive waste would be dumped into oceans but now has been banned since 1993.
-If radioactive waste gets in our water, our water becomes highly contaminated and unsanitary, so if we consume our water it may cause serious harm to ourselves. The waste from nuclear power plants gets mixed into our water and becomes part of the water cycle. What is Underground Water? What is a Water Table? It's basically when rainwater or melted snow infiltrates or percolates into the soil. During its journey it fills the spaces between soil and rocks until it reaches an impermeable layer that makes it difficult for it to pass through. That water is called underground water or an aquifer. The upper surface of the ground water is called the water table. DONE BY:
*RIJA Other Human Factors Affecting Our Underground Water Supply Overuse of Wells:
* As you know the water cycle occurs and naturally recharges the grounds water supply.
* Sometimes on an unusually dry summer day or winter with little snow results are less water sinking into the ground and less water collection in aquifers.
* It is important that users of those wells be aware of the reduced precipitation and draw less water Water Diversion and Export:
* Water companies remove large quantities of water from our water supply.
* If more water is removed then replaced the height of our water tables will be affected.
* And when the water is bottled and exported it doesn't return from where it's extracted.
* So our water table doesn't get enough water back. The air from the nuclear power plants also affects our water system by mixing in the air we breath and also affects our water cycle, by polluting the rain. -The sewage water can release warmer or cooler water than the receiving water which can harm aquatic life (fish).
-The sewage water can also have long term toxic affects. Soon the oxygen in the water is consumed and the micro organisms begin to grow. So, the bacteria are basically strangling the other organisms. Nasty Microbes This is an alert sign that we have to do something. We need to make the community aware of what's going on and save our planet from getting to polluted that we can't even live in it anymore. So, technically..... According to Wikipedia:
In 2011 Little Buffalo Oil Spill - Canada, Alberta - 29 April 2011 - 3,800 tones of oil in got in the water. 16 mile creek oil spilled.
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