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Plan A: Attack on Junk Mail!

No description

Ruth O'Loughlin

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Plan A: Attack on Junk Mail!

Attack on Junk Mail!
Ways to reduce the junk mail you receive
Email for an opt-out form from opout@royalmail.com
Royal Mail distributes between 25 and 50% of all unaddressed junk mail
Request an opt-out form from yourchoice@dma.org.uk
Registering will stop leaflets distributed by members of the Direct Marketing Association.
Register online at the mailing preference service
Mailing Preference Service can reduce unsolicited, addressed junk mail
Opt out of having your personal details included on the edited electoral register
The 'edited' version of the electoral roll is available to be bought

You can also try:
Why not stick a label to your letterbox?
And if that doesn't reduce it...
...Recycle and Reuse it
Did you know:
In 2010 it was estimated that 76.5%
of junk mail was recycled
It is estimated that
4.7 million trees
were wasted on junk mail in 2009
The majority of household post is junk mail
When you register with companies opt -out of marketing
Envelopes make good note paper
Shredded paper can be used for animal bedding
Newspapers can be used to clean windows
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