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Public and community health

No description

FARE hirt

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Public and community health

What is Public and Community Health?
Public health promotes healthy lifestyles
Public and community health helps people all around the world
Public and community health provides facilities that protect the health of communities, families, and individuals, locally and globally
Importance of Public & Community Health
Research Findings
What we Recommend to Future Bravo Students
How to Become a Public Health Worker
The entry level of education would be a Bachelors Degree
You must complete a brief on-the-job training
Many of the employers require the Certified Health Education Specialist credential (CHES)
Health workers should have a high school diploma, and a Bachelors or Masters degree.
Public & Community Health

There are many interesting careers you can take up while pursuing the Public and Community Health pathway.

Environmentalists contribute to goals that help the environment and conserving natural resources

Health Educators promote wellness throughout communities

Epidemiologists examine patterns and causes of diseases and injuries in humans

Making a Difference
Community health can help small or large local neighborhoods and promote quality and accessibility
Community health workers provide shelter to people in need
Not only does public and community health help people, animals are helped as well
Public and community health has impacted people's lives socially, physically, and mentally

Impact on others
Since 1979, life expectancy in the U.S. has increased
Signs of reduced disability and improvements in pain control have also been acknowledged
Effectiveness of public health has led to a huge downfall in major deaths, which involve chronic diseases
By: Fabian Islas, Alyssa Hernandez, Emily Real-Barajas, & Rita Terzian
Smallpox: deadly disease that affected humans for thousands of years
Last case seen was in 1980 as result of campaign
There is no cure for smallpox but there is a vaccine
The vaccine and the help from public helped eradicate the disease
Most communities agreed to get vaccinated
Rita Terzian
Rita Terzian
Fabian Islas
Emily Real-Barajas
Alyssa Hernandez
Emily Real-Barajas
Alyssa Hernandez
Take action and care for the community to help the public
Helping others get resources including health, food, and health information
Understand how to maintain a safe environment for other others
Have the stability to help prevent diseases and illnesses for the community
Work in the health field if you feel you will enjoy it
Fabian Islas
"Smallpox." WebMD. WebMD. Web. 12 Oct. 2015.
Wiesen, G., and Heather Bailey. <i>WiseGeek</i>. Conjecture, n.d. Web. 13 Oct. 2015.
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"Smokefree Pets." Smokefree Pets. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Oct. 2015.

Smoking does not only affect humans
Breathing problems in dogs and asthmatic-like symptoms in cats
Cardiac abnormalities
Respiratory difficulties and respiratory paralysis
Feline lymphoma in cats
Lung cancer in dogs
Nasal cancer in dogs
Public and community health is important because it prevents diseases, and disabilities amongst others
Provides care for everyone in public communities even when some cannot afford it
Focuses on the needs of people as a whole rather than individuals
Smoking effects on animals
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