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AAD 600, Unit 11: Working with Multimedia

No description

UK Arts Administration

on 8 August 2016

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Transcript of AAD 600, Unit 11: Working with Multimedia

I. Outlining a Presentation
II. Choosing Media Types
III. Working With Audio
IV. Working with Video
Constructing a Solid Outline
2-5 main points
Choosing Audio
How will the audio file fit in with the flow?
Choosing Video
Tips for Recording Great Audio
Get rid of as much ambient noise as possible
Experiment with the position of the microphone
Make sure your script is easy to read
Write a script
Read slowly
Record blank space
Editing Audio Files
Tips for Recording Great Video
check your lighting
Editing Audio Files
Unit 11:
Working with Multimedia
Attention-getting opening
Structure a basic presentation outline
Summary statement
Thesis statement
I. The arts council provides operating support to 100 arts groups across the Commonwealth that provide more than five million arts experiences and more than one million arts education experiences.

II. The mission of the Kentucky Arts Council is to create opportunities for the people of Kentucky to value, participate in, and benefit from the arts.

III. In this presentation we will cover what our organization values, the activities we participate in, and ways in which you can be involved.

I. What We Value
i. Artists' Compensation
ii. Diversity group
iii. Preservation of Cultural Resources

II. What We Do
i. Matching Grants
ii. Arts marketing Programs
iii. Events & Services

III. How You Can Be Involved
i. Involving public officials in arts activities or the activities of arts organizations
ii. Asking legislators and local officials to vote for positions supporting the arts
iii. Discussing the value of the arts with peers

I. The Kentucky Arts Council creates opportunities for the people of Kentucky to value, participate in, and benefit from the arts.
Charts and graphs
Video files
prepare before you begin
use a tripod
start with a script
check the focus of your shot
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