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Copy of Diversity and Communication

By: Klarissa, Amanda, James

Klarissa Toca

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Diversity and Communication

By: Klarissa, Amanda, James Communication is Key
The trick is to appreciate the value of diversity in school as well as the workplace.
Developing Diverse relationships can help broaden your perspective on diverse learning
Understanding actions of others based on their opinions is essential Developing Cultural Competence Valuing Diversity
Identifying personal perceptions and attitudes
Awareness of cultural interaction
Building knowledge about other cultures
Adapting to a multitude of cultures The Five Actions to Develop Cultural Competence Each time you meet someone you are faced with a choice, whether or not you will stereotype them, or treat them with tolerance and respect Action 1.) Valuing Diversity Prejudice:
Influence of Family and Culture
Tolerance, Superiority, and Hate
Fear of Differences
It is human to fear the Unfamiliar
A single experience with and individual can trigger a response to condemn those of the same characteristics Action 2.) Evaluating Perceptions and Attitudes Desire for Patterns and Logic
People often use labels or categories that stereotypes provide to understand society
Media Influences
Helps us to perceive an ideal image of what is normal ex. (The Ideal Woman)
Creates a barrier for breaking stereotypes, never finding the motivation to ask questions and create new ideas Diversity and Communication Action 2 (Continued)Stereotypes Cultural Interaction can promote:
Mutual Respect
Interacting in relationships is essential to building respect for one another and breaking social barriers Action 3.) Awareness of Cultural Interaction Focusing on what may come of future opportunities can help promote an optimistic attitude in a social community, these are some ideas to help build social connections;
Reading Newspapers, books magazines, and websites
Asking Questions
Observing People
Building Friendships Action 4.) Building Cultural Knowledge Look past external characteristics
Put yourself in their shoes
Adjust to cultural differences
Recognize the fears of others Action 5.) Adapting There are two types of criticism;
Leader talks privately with student about lateness, asks if there is something preventing him from arriving on time
Professor sees student come to class late, says “if you cant get here on time, no point in coming at all” Criticism 3 Steps of Conflict:
Identifying the source of Conflict
Over viewing Solutions to the problem
Taking action to resolve the conflict in the best possible way Conflict Positive Relationships
Conflict Resolutions
Identifying Issues
Destructive Relationships
Violence Relationships The main idea is to evaluate your surroundings, manage your relationships and discover which are helping, and which are hindering your success to achieve the greatest you can be. You need to understand that some of the best things in life are achieved alone, and others take time, and friendship. Conclusion
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