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The Dark Is Rising


Evan Kapitz

on 10 January 2012

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Transcript of The Dark Is Rising

The Dark Is Rising Characters The main characters
are Farmer Dawson, John Smith,
Will Stanton, and Simon, Jane, and
Barney Drew The Artifacts There are special artifacs
that the old ones use alot,
those artifacts consist of
the signs.The signs represent
each different element that keep
the darkness away.The grail is used
for a power of light. The other artifacs are
the harp and the crystal sword.
The harp is made of gold and
is used to awake the sleepers
for the final battle.The Crystal
sword is called the sword of
sunrise and burns the darkness
away. Light and Dark There is a battle between the light and the dark for power of controlling.
The dark wanting to control the world for their own use.
The light wanting to keep power in the hands of ordinary men and women. Feelings This book will make you feel
many different thing throughout
the whole book you might also get
lost in it too. About the Author Susan Cooper is an English
writer who is most know for
writing The Dark is Rising series. The Dark is Rising won the
Newbery Honor award. Award Setting This story takes place in
Buckinghampshire, England.
This is where Will's family
farm is located.
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