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IB Math Studies IA

No description

Jessica Stephenson

on 9 August 2016

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Transcript of IB Math Studies IA

The Project:
This project is worth 20% of your final grade.
Criteria C
Math Processes
Linear Regression t-test:
Equation of Regression Line and Correlation
Scatterplot with line
Residual Plot
Steps for Linear Regression t-test

Chi Squared test of independence:
Show sums or conversion from % to counts for
each category (if applicable)
Bar Graph
Steps for Chi Squared test of independence

Criteria C
Math Processes
2 sample t-test:
Compute averages
Make table of statistics
Bar graph of averages
Steps for 2 sample t-test

Matched Pairs t-test:
Bar graph/Box plot
Compute differences
Steps for matched pairs t-test
Get out a sheet of paper and a pencil.
IA Criteria
Moderating (Grading)
the Project
First moderated (graded) by your teacher then externally moderated by IB.
IB Math Studies IA
On average....
25 hours of class time
25 hours of your own time
Criterion A: Introduction
Criterion B: Information/Measurement
Criterion C: Mathematical Processes
Criterion D: Interpretation of Results
Criterion E: Validity
Criterion F: Structure and Communication
Criterion G: Notation and Terminology
We will be working on gradually "grading" each other throughout the year.
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