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Coca-Cola Presentation

No description

Kai Broek

on 23 June 2016

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Transcript of Coca-Cola Presentation

The promising figures
What do we do?
Market Research
So all good..or?
The problem
Planogram not followed

Products are out of stock

Promotions are not done right
Planogram Compliance

Promotional Compliance

Retail Sales Growth
until 2018
Well planned marketing is not put in place.
50% of all promotions are

not carried out properly

out of stock
not followed
private label
brands get preferential
Untrained staff

Goods get shoved in the shelf

competitors rearrange

no time or poor management
modes of checking
own staff
sign off reports
spot checks
The challenge for our clients

sales performance

increase sales

reduce threat of private label brands

reduce stock fluctuations
promotion roll out check

product availability in mini markets

festive season promo

product positioning

shelf life checks
Example tasks
Flexibility of our Services
no minimum order volume

no setup fee

quick, fast and reliable results

Many thanks for watching!
Contact us anytime at


013 290 7210
238 bn USD
48% of this in Asia
Mylocalgenius analyses and sends
Reports to Customers
Excerpt from Example for Coca-Cola
Large Country
Remote Places
Many Retailers
sends out microjobbers across the country to collect data
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