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Nuclear Weapons

No description

Mason Johhson

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear Weapons The world has now come up with more than 70,000 nuclear weapons in the past 66 years, ever since the beginning of The Cold War, the US has been building its supply to the tens of thousands Even though there has been some protest to the limiting of one countries nuclear supply, nuclear weapons have been our main source of protection for two generations. Iran is getting close to nuclear capability, so it would be unwise to cut our weapon supplies. We are having a summit conference with forty seven other nations to secure uranium and plutonium production for the use of nuclear warheads. Nuclear power has been an issue in the world ever since WWII and the Cold War, when the United States and Soviet Union started to build its destructive weapons, so did the rest of the world nukes are the best y yoyaojy;aga
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yo Against For The effects of a weapon of mass destruction could be the death
of millions of people. Facts The cost of the Manhatten project cost an estimated $20 billion.

1000 ICBM made launch pads, silos, and support facilities $14 billion U.S. still ranks #1 in nuclear power A nuclear war would end human life as we know it, all the missles in the world would go off and the radiation would release and cover the entire earth. Of all the nuclear weapons in the world, 95% belong to US and Russia Enough nuclear material to blow up the earth seven times. Some people say that keeping weapons of mass destruction keeps the world wars at balance, if one country bombed another country, then everyone would take sides and retaliate. Thus ending an entire countries race. History Just before WWII, Albert Einstein wrote to Franklin D. Roosevelt and told him the plans of the Nazi's purifying of Uranium 235 to make an atomic bomb.
Then the US began the serious undertaking of the Manhatten Project. The science of making pure uranium ore isotopes to uranium metal is 500:1 which was very difficult to refine. King of Bombs The Tsar bomb is the biggest bomb in the world, it has a yield of 100 mega tons. Compared to the bombs used in WWII the Tsar bomb is almost one hundred times stronger than "Fat Man" dropped on Hiroshima Robert Oppenheimer was the chief amoung the people to create the atomic bomb.
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