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Can Budgeting My Time Improve My Life?

No description

Cor-Taisha Webb

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Can Budgeting My Time Improve My Life?

Can Budgeting My Time Improve My Life?
What Can I Do At School
Route your schedule so you can know how many minutes you have in between classes for social time with friends and bathroom time. Get a drink of water before your class starts as a boost.
Theres no itme for social. Get to your class on time and prepared.
Carry everything you need for the day in your backpack. Stop complaining about it being heavy. Thats too bad. Suck it up.
Can It?
Budgeting my time can help improve my life. It can help because then you know your schedule. For example, what you have going on for the next day.
Always carry around a schedule or calender so you can know what you you have to do. This also helps if you have only a few minutes before your next class.
What Can I Do
Bad Examples Of Time Management
Oh No, Im Late For Class
Well for one, think about why your late. Then think about what you can do next time to prevent yourself from being late. Now, listen to a fellow classmate when he or she tells you that you need to organize yourself to succeed at school. You should always keep a planner or schedule with you wherever you go. Just stick it in your pocket or in your purse for the girls.
Good Examples Of Time Management!
1: Breakfast/Bathroom
2: World History
3: Physical Earth Science
4: Art
5: Go To Bathroom/Lunch
6: Math/ Pre-Algebra
7: Humanities English
8: Spanish
9: QUICKLY Go To Locker & Bathroom
10: RUSH To Bus!
1) Eat
2)Class 1
3) Class 2
4) Class 3
5) Class 4
6) Eat Again
7) I Forgot To Go To The Bathroom So I Have To Go Release Some Of That "Yellow Stuff"
8) Class 5
9) Class 6
10) Class 7
11) Go To Locker & Then Bus.
12) Call Parents Because Im So UNORGANIZED I Missed My Bus
1 Picture. A Whole New Meaning
What Is This About?
Time management is when a person is smart enough to schedule and plan out their day. Im going to talk to you guys about some ways you can do that. I will also mention a few things about how it can impact your daily routine.
Now that I've taught you a little about time manage, you can use my guide to help you at school at a summer or after school job or just an ordinary day. I hope you have learned alot about this subject because it honestly can help you in your everyday life.
Make sure you get a good nights sleep or you might just get a "D" that stands for drool on the paper. HAhaHAHAHAHAHahHahhahAHahAHahAHahahahAHAHAHhAHahhAHAHaahA
*********FUNNY RIGHT*********
You also need to make sure that you get a nice breakfast. Maybe oatmeal and fruit would be healthy.
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