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IT (in Healthcare) & African Culture: Best of Both Worlds?

Grenzenloos II

Gertjan van Stam

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of IT (in Healthcare) & African Culture: Best of Both Worlds?

Gertjan van Stam, Macha, Zambia.
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

IT (Health) and African Culture
the best of both worlds?

Smartcare, EHR
Role of
Information and Communications
Preservation of African Culture
Capacity Building
Staying in, or moving to, rural areas
Changed lives
Infrastructure for Information
Amount of Computers
Number of Users
Consumption rates
eLiteracy, Teledensity
BBC Clicks
Where Do They Communicate About?
ICT is being Used!
Technology Determination?
Economic Bias?
Appropriate Content?
Culturally Appropriate?
Success stories?
ICT and Health
Top Constraint: Lack of bandwidth
Top Consideration: Access to appropriate content
Top Motivation: Improve the quality of teaching
Pervasiveness of ICT
Ubuntu Culture
van Stam, G., & Mweetwa, F. (2012). Community Radio Provides Elderly a Platform to Have Their Voices Heard in rural Macha, Zambia. The Journal of Community Informatics, 8(1)
Relationality of African Culture
Sheneberger, K., & van Stam, G. (2011). Relatio: An Examination of the Relational Dimension of Resource Allocation. Economics and Finance Review, 1(4), 26 - 33
van Stam, G. (2012). Information and Knowledge Transfer in the rural community of Macha, Zambia (manuscript accepted). The Journal of Community Informatics.
Need for
Communities of Practice
Doubling of African Traffic, every seven months
Gomez, R., & Pather, S. (2012).
ICT Evaluation: Are We Asking The Right Questions?
EJISDC, 50(5)
Johnson, D. L., Pejovic, V., Belding, E. M., & van Stam, G. (2012). VillageShare : Facilitating content generation and sharing in rural networks. ACM DEV 2012.
Johnson, D. L., Belding, E. M., & Van Stam, G. (2012). Network traffic locality in a rural African village. ICTD 2012.
Johnson, D. L., Pejovic, V., Belding, E. M., & Van Stam, G. (2011). Traffic Characterization and Internet Usage in Rural Africa. Proceedings of WWW, March 2011, Hyderabad, India
Backens, J., Mweemba, G., & Van Stam, G. (2010). A Rural Implementation of a 52 Node Mixed Wireless Mesh Network in Macha, Zambia. E-Infrastructures and E-Services on Developing Countries.
Matthee, K., Mweemba, G., Pais, A., Van Stam, G., & Rijken, M. (2007). Bringing Internet connectivity to rural Zambia using a collaborative approach. International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development. IEEE.
En Toen?
What do you do, a day without Internet?
aspirational outcomes: empowerment, esteem & worth
social cohesion & social fabric
citizen empowerment
motivator factors: achievement, recognition
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