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Kia Ha

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Group A
Kaja, Kristina, Catarina,
Rui, Sander, Saskia
SWOT analysis
The vision of Lepa Vida is to contribute to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage of salt pans by offering sustainable activities throughout the year.
Our mission is to make use of old local traditions to offer new relaxing experiences, with a help of innovative natural concept, preserving the environment.
Competitor - Hotel Spas of Portorož
Spa located inside
Offers accommodation and food
Opened all year
Closer to tourists
Not as unique as Lepa Vida

Promotion of diverse offer that does not harm the environment, but instead contributes to its protection
50 visitors in summer (100 days)
20 visitors in winter
Increase the number of tourist during the winter time
90% of satisfaction, 10% exceeded expectation

Target market
30 – 60 years old,
Families centered on women
Groups of women
Income countries: Italy, Slovenia, Russia, Austria, Germany

Uniqueness: quality, sustainability, health in remote areas, Tradition
Saltpans and its products

more packages
greater link to the salt pans
Packages: hotel + spa + transfer
Family package
Pick up service (by boat, by car)
Solar panels & Wind

innovative concept to high the prices and also to select a niche market, avoiding massification

ORS – online reservation system
English, Italian, Russian & German website
Payment card
Loyalty card
Gift cards

On-line Slovenian Website;
On-line Reservation by mail and phone.

On-line reservation system including extra activities;
“Today we offer...” in Lepa Vida Website;
Website in Russian, Italian, German and English.

Action plan
Increase promotion
Open in Winter
Family packages
Sauna in Winter
Thank you for your attention!
What do you remember?
New Products
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