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Year 4 Olympos

No description

Stuart Downing

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Year 4 Olympos

Day 1

Then about in 7.30pm we had shower then wrote are diary. After we slept very well.
Day 2
In day 2 Kenan and marwan woke bart me and Max in 5.30am.But if they didn't woke us up we didn't get 8 point in room inspection. After we ate a very good
break .
Trip by Keiichi

This is about the trip in olympos

First we went the School at 6am.
We left school at 6;15am .
At the Airport we ate snack till we got
on the Airplane. At 9;00am we arrived at Antalya Airport. Then we got on the Bus.
We went to the old city and ate are Lunch.
We also got on a boat and saw water fall.
It also took us two hour to reach the Hotel.
After we ate a delicious dinner.
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