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A journey through the 6 day LeaderShape retreat I went on in the summer of 2009.

Justin Schmitz

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of LeaderShape

MCCCD LeaderShape 2009
Day 1
Day 2
Family Clusters
"I am re-learning and applying the ideas of being open minded, understanding and mindful... I intend to remain commited and positive throughout this process."
Digging Deep
I value people and the connections made in everyday life. I also value education, not only my own, but seeing the potential in other people. When I daydream, I visualize the possibilities the future holds. I feel compelled to teach others and help them realize their potential to accomplish amazing things.
Self Reflection
I beleive that it is important to include and value other people. I've learned that in doing so a group is able to use the strengths of each member and build upon everyones input.
I still have much to learn about myself and what strengths I have to offer. I will strive to continue digging deeper and streaching myself so that I have more opportunities to learn about myself.
In order to create a more inclusive environment I need to learn more about other cultures in an unbiased way, avoiding being ethnocentric in the process. This will be beneficial when working in culturally and socially diverse settings. It will also help me avoid being prejudice or discriminatory towards others.
Day 3
Vision Work
Reflection on the Day
I am passionate about helping others realize their potential to achieve goals, success and positively impact themselves and others.
I envision a future where everyone realizes their potential for success and positive change.
In the future I will develope or participate in programs that enable others to realize their potential and disover their passions in a safe environment.
To get there, I will incorperate the knowledge gained from LeaderShape into my role as a facilitator for the Emerging Leaders program. Secondly, I will graduate from PVCC in May of 2010 and begin my education training when I transfer.
I have always been aprehensive when working on my vision because I have been afraid to make a solid statement. Today I learned that I can modfiy my vision beacause it will grow and stretch as I do. It's also healthy to be continually working on my vision in order to remain motivated and on-track.
Initially I was lacking direction with my vision which made it difficult to write on paper. With the help of those around me I realized that my vision can still be detailed while covering a broader area. What excited me most is that I have discovered a great passion, now I can work on focusing my efforts in an area that isn't so broad.
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Moving my Vision Forward
Power and Leadership
I have already begun the process by being here. Now I can take the knowledge I have gained and use it while facilitating the Emerging Leaders course this fall. The next step is to graduate and transfer into an appropriate program of study.
Today's activity was intense. The feeling of powerlessness was overwhelming, to the point that I strayed from my goal of remaining positive this week. I was quite frustrated and on the edge of giving up. It sickens me to think that in the 21st century a person can still wield power because of their gender or the color of their skin. It really does boil down to how one uses power. Why, in our society, should a white male be entitled to certain "privelages and power"? I strive to use any power I may gain to do only good for the people I serve.
Leading with Integrity
For the majority of the week I remained consistant with my value of being optimistic. Although it was difficult at times I was able to look forward and know that the experience would teach me something valuable.
Last nights "power" activity challenged me the most. I lost integrity for a moment while I abandoned a positive outlook and failed to focus on the lesson that would be learned. Reflecting on this activity in particular will give me the strength to face the challenges that lie ahead. In addition, defining my core values will enable me to act and lead with integrity.
Final Reflection
Throughout this weekend I have learned a great deal about becoming a better leader, and I also solidified elements that I had already adopted. I have long understood the importance of leading with integrity, remaining congruent with my own values and beliefs. Although leadership is generally regarded as a position, it is actually a delicate process that requires understanding of self, those around you, and the needs of the community.
This process is never ending, as long as one strives to become a better leader, they will always be digging deeper into different areas of their life. In order to do this, one must be able to make themselves vulnerable, stretch their limits and step outside of their comfort zone. Unless this is done, one cannot truly grow.
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