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nonverbal communication in Italy

No description

sarah lemarr

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of nonverbal communication in Italy

nonverbal communication in Italy
facial expressions
handshake & smile -for strangers
air kissing (both cheeks), and pat on back -once a relationship develops
prefer face to face contact
like to develop relationships with people they come in contact to
Italy U.S.
Degree of eye contact
ALWAYS maintain eye contact

if not italians think you're hiding something
posture & carriage
carry themselves with high respect
formal dress
dress, style and overall appearance are very important
judge others and how they carry themselves based on first impression
overall appearance tells social status, education level and background
Interesting Facts
By: Sarah Lemarr
firm handshake
using the proper titles
questions about families & health
eye contact
pat on back
something is going on with them
I don't care
eye contact is VERY important
Italy is slightly larger than Arizona
Italy has more masterpieces per square mile than any other country in the world
many single italian children live at home until their 30's
church and political leaders offer rewards for people who have more than one child because of the low birthrate
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